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Can I Still Fix My Home Loan Rate?

It’s common for us to hear the question of whether it’s still possible to get a fixed home loan rate. The answer is yes – getting a home loan with a fixed rate is definitely doable. But first, it’s important to consider if this is the best option for you. The first step is to […]

2023 Best Home Loan Rates & What You Should Look For In A Mortgage

Whether you’re about to start your home buying journey, or you are considering refinancing, it’s important to understand what your best home loan rate options are for 2023. There are several key areas affecting home loans and interest rates that homeowners will be wise to look into for 2023. This includes the ongoing cash rate […]

Is a fixed rate or variable rate home loan better?

One of the hardest decisions an Australian home buyer has to make isn’t just which property to bid on, or which area to buy in, but the choice between a variable interest rate home loan and a fixed interest rate home loan. The amount of interest charged on your mortgage is one of the most […]

To Fix Or Not To Fix? What To Know About Fixed Home Loans In 2022

Home loan interest rates are on the rise again. Homeowners and first home buyers may be wondering if now is the right time to fix their interest rate, or if a variable rate loan may be a better fit in 2022? Whether your fixed rate period is coming to an end and you’re unsure whether […]

The Benefits of Splitting your Home Loan Between Variable and Fixed

The Benefits of Splitting your Home Loan Between Variable and Fixed

With growing talk of interest rate hikes coming sooner rather than later, homeowners may be wondering what options they have to protect their household budget. One option worth exploring may be to consider a split rate home loan. Multiple economists and experts have tipped a cash rate hike to come as early as 2022. One […]

Australia’s sweetest home loan deal just got sweeter

Australia’s sweetest home loan deal just got sweeter

Australia’s lowest variable rate now available to first home buyers   Finally, some good news for first home buyers; Australia’s lowest variable home loan rate is now available to you, and more affordable than ever. Reduce Home Loans is extending first home buyers a lifeline in the form of competitive home loan rates with a […]

Still the cheapest variable rate home loan

Reduce Home Loans Cheapest home loan variable rate

The home loan interest rate battle rages on with more competitive rates being announced. One major bank introduced its cheapest introductory variable rate starting with “1” however the bank also increased several of its fixed interest rates. The great news is, based on Canstar’s database, the cheapest variable interest rate for owner occupiers is still […]

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