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Understanding Stamp Duty in Australia: How It Affects Homebuyers

Buying a home is one of the most significant financial decisions most people make in their lifetime. In Australia, like in many other countries, purchasing a property involves various costs and fees. One of the key expenses that homebuyers need to be aware of is stamp duty. Stamp duty plays a crucial role in the […]

How Much Stamp Duty Will You Pay and How Can You Avoid It?

If you’re purchasing a home, these are two important questions you need to ask yourself. How much stamp duty will You pay and how can you avoid it? With different rules across Australia, the answers will depend on where you live. Also, the rules in several states have changed, so you will want to keep […]

Buying with a 5% deposit: the pros and cons of a smaller deposit

If you’re trying to save up for a home in Australia then you know it’s no easy feat, particularly when a 20% deposit often means squirrelling away a six-figure sum. But is a 20% deposit still necessary nowadays, and could a smaller deposit better suit some homebuyers? A deposit is arguably the biggest upfront cost […]

How to be your own mortgage broker

It’s never been easier for everyday Aussies to take control of their finances and cut out the middleman to do so. Nowadays, this includes mortgage brokers. Whether you’re wary of mortgage broker commission structures, or which home loan lenders will be promoted more heavily in their books, it’s now possible to become your own mortgage […]

Canstar Home Loans NSW Premier Announces Stamp Duty Concessions For First Home Buyers

Stamp Duty Changes

NSW Premier Announces Stamp Duty Concessions For First Home Buyers Posted by James Hurwood June 2, 2017 NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced that first home buyers in the state will be provided with stamp duty concessions that could save them up to $34,360. The NSW stamp duty concessions are part of a larger reforms […]

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