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The Differences Between Investment Home Loans & Owner Occupied Loans

The goal you have for a property you’re considering buying has a significant effect on your home loan. This is because there are major differences between home loans for investment purposes and home loans for owner-occupiers (those planning on living in the home). The purpose of your home purchase can not only impact the interest […]

How to get a home loan when you’re self-employed

Taking out your first home loan can be one of the most challenging, yet exciting times of your life. However, when you’re self-employed the process can feel like you’re running a separate race to everyone else with even greater obstacles. Reduce Home Loans may be able to assist Aussie business owners in gaining mortgage approval […]

How cashback deals can sweeten your new home loan

With home loan rates at record lows, cashback deals are a type of incentive that lenders are offering to sweeten the pot for new customers. Cashback offers are when a lender offers you perks – typically cash – upon your home loan approval. A cashback offer may range between $1000 – $4000, and may come […]

What to do if you’re struggling to repay your home loan

It’s never easy to admit when you need help, but financial stress and budget strain happens to the best of us. And when external issues begin to impact your ability to pay your home loan, it may be time to ask for help. There are a range of reasons homeowners may find themselves in need […]

How your LVR could nab you a better home loan

Reduce Home Loans Where you can still get a home loan rate under 2%

If you’ve been paying off your mortgage for some time, you may not be aware that your diligent repayments could be your ticket to a more competitive home loan option. Many first home buyers will opt for a no-frills home loan option when trying to buy property as, after all, you’re just happy to get […]

What is a Loan Split?

What is a loan split

Lenders can offer many features to go with home loans. We often hear of the terms like “offset account” or “redraw”, but there is another great feature you can take advantage of when organising your finances: Loan Splits. What is a loan split? A mortgage with a loan split facility is essentially one mortgage divided […]

House prices on the rise in 2020

Reduce Home Loans- Property

Property prices across the country are showing a rising trend, with the national dwelling value index increasing by 0.9% in January. According to CoreLogic, this takes the annual growth rate to 4.1% – the fastest growth pace over a twelve month period since December 2017. The increase reflects a massive 6.7% turnaround since the property […]

How do Construction Loans work?

Construction Loan

Many Australians dream of designing and building their own home with all the bells and whistles that would suit their personality and lifestyle. But building a house is no simple task. With multiple parties involved including builders, contractors, lenders and solicitors, the whole lending process can get very confusing. Construction loans are designed for borrowers […]

Do you know your Interest Rate?

What interest rate

75% of Australians do not know their home loan interest rate, according to the Herald Sun. You could be paying far less in interest on your home loan by getting the know-how and refinancing to a better rate. Following two consecutive Cash Rate cuts by the Reserve Bank of Australia, it seems every Australian with […]

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