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Can you save more by refinancing to an online lender?

One of the top reasons to switch home loans or refinance is to reduce the interest rate on your current mortgage. Traditionally, the rule of thumb is that refinancing is sensible if you can lower your interest rate by at least 2%. Some believe that at least 1% in interest savings is enough to refinance. […]

How to refinance your home loan in lockdown

Refinance in a lockdown

As COVID-related restrictions continue to shift across the country, many Aussies may find themselves thinking about their homes and their mortgages. With record-low home loan rates on offer right now, homeowners may be wondering how they can refinance while stuck at home. Don’t let lockdown make you feel locked into your home loan. It is […]

Reduce Home Loans awarded Non-Bank Home Lender of the Year 2021

Reduce Home Loans has been recognised as the Non-Bank Home Lender of the Year 2021 in Money magazine’s 2021 Consumer Finance Awards. The annual awards help Australians find the top performers in each category so they can bank, borrow and invest with the best. Money magazine partners with data and research leaders InfoChoice and Rainmaker Information to […]

Why you should choose an online home loan lender

Gone are the days where Australians were locked into the same bank they’d been with since they were a kid for every financial product. As technology has advanced so too has the way we choose to use and connect with our finances. Online-based home loan lenders, such as Reduce Home Loans, have erupted into the […]

Bank loyalty doesn’t pay; refinance and save

Loyalty doesn't pay

With home loan rates the lowest they’ve ever been, most Aussies could spare a few minutes to review their rate and consider switching lenders. Why stay loyal to a bank when huge savings could be made by switching? New research from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has found borrowers with older variable rate home […]

Home Loan Rates Falling Under 3%

under 3

Hottest Home Loan Rates Under 3 % While most banks are not passing the full 0.25% cut to their mortgage rates, Reduce Home Loans is among the non-bank lenders passing on the full cut with rates under 3 % for those looking to refinance for a better rate. Reduce Home Loans announced that it will […]

June 2019 Rate Cut Frenzy

Battle of the lenders Reduce Home Loans continues to lead the pack with its newly released home following the June RBA Rate Drop, according to comparison site Rate City. Reduce’s Owner Occupier Low Rider Variable Loan sits 0.05% lower than other non-bank lenders in the market, at 3.09% p.a (3.12%*(1) p.a. comparison) with an 80% […]

Rise of Online Lenders

online lenders

Rate Hikes Pushes People to Online Lenders Due to hiked variable rates from the three of the big four banks, many homeowners are pushed to go to challenger lenders such as Reduce Home Loans to be able to keep up with their budget. “Online lenders have been giving the big banks a run for their […]

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