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8 more reasons to make the switch: Mozo Expert’s Choice Awards 2020

Mozo Experts Choice Awards 2020

Today Reduce Home Loans has taken out 8 Mozo Expert’s Choice awards across 13 total categories representing some of the lowest cost, highest value products in the home loan space. Financial comparison site Mozo has released its Home Loan Expert’s Choice Awards for 2020. These awards recognise the best value services across many financial sectors […]

Bank loyalty doesn’t pay; refinance and save

Loyalty doesn't pay

With home loan rates the lowest they’ve ever been, most Aussies could spare a few minutes to review their rate and consider switching lenders. Why stay loyal to a bank when huge savings could be made by switching? New research from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has found borrowers with older variable rate home […]

Reduce Home Loans Awarded Mozo Experts Choice 2019

Reduce Home Loans awarded Mozo's Experts Choice 2019

Reduce Home Loan’s awarded Mozo Experts Choice 2019! This year Mozo compared 436 home loans across 85 bank and non-bank lenders to recognise the best value loans in the market for 2019. The awards were announced on March 21. Reduce Home Loans came out amongst the top, awarded Mozo Experts Choice Award 2019 across 5 […]

The magic number: how does home loan rates stack up?

Home Loan Rate: Things You Didn’t Know Navigating the intricate realm of home loan interest rates reveals intriguing insights that may reshape your financial perspective. In today’s era of financial acumen, staying well-versed in the digits governing your mortgage payments is a prudent move. Ben Tosi from Mozo takes the lead in unraveling the mystique […]

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