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How a redraw facility works and why it’s a handy loan feature

There’s more to a home loan than the interest rate charged. Australian home buyers should also consider researching and taking advantage of home loan features, such as a redraw facility. Let’s explore how a redraw facility works, and what makes it such a handy home loan feature for some mortgage holders.   How does a […]

Five tips to reducing your home loan debt and paying off your mortgage sooner

Reduce Home Loans reducing debt

Home ownership is considered to be the Great Australian Dream, but with property prices in capital cities and regional areas seemingly sky high, it’s likely you’ll need a mortgage to make this a reality. So what can you do in your reducing debt and pay off your mortgage faster? Your home loan repayments are likely to […]

The world of Loan-to-Value Ratio and its importance

If you are taking the plunge and purchasing your first property, understanding mortgage jargon and concepts can be intimidating. One of the frequent terms that you’ll encounter is LVR or loan-to-value ratio, but how do you define LVR? And why is it important? Loan-to-value ratio or commonly known as LVR is the amount you’re borrowing […]

How your LVR could nab you a better home loan

Reduce Home Loans Where you can still get a home loan rate under 2%

If you’ve been paying off your mortgage for some time, you may not be aware that your diligent repayments could be your ticket to a more competitive home loan option. Many first home buyers will opt for a no-frills home loan option when trying to buy property as, after all, you’re just happy to get […]

Reduce Home Loans offers cashback with rates below 2%

Are you thinking about switching your home loan? Or currently just shopping around for a better rate to refinance? You may not be aware but a handful of lenders are throwing in special deals to borrowers looking to switch or refinance. Reduce Home Loans offers cashback with rates below 2%. When we say special deals, […]

Signs it’s time for a sea or tree change

Feeling the urge to escape from your current location and seek out a sea or tree change? You’re not alone. The latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) found that in the three months to the end of March 2021, 104,100 people moved interstate. This was the highest migration level for a March […]

How to refinance your home loan in lockdown

Refinance in a lockdown

As COVID-related restrictions continue to shift across the country, many Aussies may find themselves thinking about their homes and their mortgages. With record-low home loan rates on offer right now, homeowners may be wondering how they can refinance while stuck at home. Don’t let lockdown make you feel locked into your home loan. It is […]

You’re Missing Out on $60000

Australia's Cheapest Home Loan

Switch from the Banks and Save Effie Zahos, Editor of Money magazine appeared on The Today Show this morning, offering helpful advice for Australians to make a switch. This follows uncertainty after the Royal Commission (RC) report was released on Monday 11 February 2019. “With the average home loan rate at 4.37%, it makes sense […]

Rise of Online Lenders

online lenders

Rate Hikes Pushes People to Online Lenders Due to hiked variable rates from the three of the big four banks, many homeowners are pushed to go to challenger lenders such as Reduce Home Loans to be able to keep up with their budget. “Online lenders have been giving the big banks a run for their […]

7 Ways You Can Save Money on Your Home Loan

Save Money On Your Home Loan

Saving money on your home loan isn’t easy, but it’s very worthwhile. The faster you pay it back, the less interest you pay. Additionally, there are some other tricks and tips that will have you saving more of your hard-earned money. Here are 7 ways you can save money on your home loan. Increase Your […]

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