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    From sustainable practices to customer and employee satisfaction, as well as charities and community-based ventures, let us show you we do more than just online home loans.

    For our customers

    We’re always keen to try new things that help you, our customers. We’re committed to helping Aussies achieve thousands of dollars in savings on home loans.

    The online application process is designed to offer you convenience and confidence in applying for a home loan. You can work to your own schedule and avoid the hassle of arranging face-to-face meetings. We offer online chat and also phone support, to answer any of your lending questions.

    We are constantly ticking in the background, coming up with ways we can assist you even better.

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    For our employees

    Happy staff = happy clients. It’s not rocket science.

    The Reduce team is diverse, close-knit, and work to support each other on any task. With employee satisfaction at 96%, we’re glad to be considered a great place to work!

    We’re all good mates, jumping into social events and frequent activities. From outings to Casual Fridays, Reduce offers a fun and innovative place to work.

    Even better, each employee is granted a day of paid leave to be able to volunteer in their local community. This is a proud initiative we run to satisfy our team’s hunger for making a difference.

    For our community

    Though we operate from head office in Queensland, we consider the whole of Australia as part of our community.

    Many of our team engage in local and national causes and charities each year. The Charity Blog outlines our initiative where a team member nominates a cause close to their heart, and the rest of the team support it for that month.

    See our Charity Fundraising Blog for more details of full feel-good ventures.

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    While we’re not enviro-warriors clad in organic paint and armour, we do our best by everyone to make a difference in our community and environment. Reduce implements best practices to support environmental sustainability.

    The nature of our business is to operate online thereby reducing our carbon footprint and typical overheads such as commercial real estate and branch management, transport and emissions, and overall utility usage.

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