Reduce Home Loans winner of 5 RateCity Gold Awards

Reduce Home Loans winner

Leading low-rate lender, Reduce Home Loans, is the winner of five awards for various home loans from comparison website

Times have been tough for Australian households, as the impacts of Covid-19 are no-doubt still being felt by many mortgage holders. Because of this, Reduce Home Loans is proud to be in the top 10 per cent of home loan providers for the following categories in the 2021 RateCity Gold Awards.

Reduce Home Loans has long been committed to offering the most competitive home loan deals for Aussie customers, consistently breaking records for low home loan rates. These five wins are a strong reflection of the high quality loan products Reduce Home Loans offers to customers, while keeping costs and repayments relatively affordable.

Whether you’re considering refinancing your home loan in 2021, or are a current Reduce Home Loans customer curious if your mortgage is a winner, here are the awarded loan products.

Winning RateCity Gold Award categories:

  1. Winner of Best 3 Year Fixed P&I for the product Home Owners Dream Fixed

It’s no secret homeowners are currently experiencing the lowest home loan rate environment on record. For owner-occupiers paying principal and interest, Reduce Home Loans offers a competitive 3-year fixed interest rate of 1.99 per cent (2.61 comparison rate), for borrowers looking to lock in a competitive rate under 2 per cent.

  1. Winner of Best 3 Year Investor Fixed P&I for the product Fixed Rate Wealth Maximizer

It’s not just owner-occupiers who’ve been offered a competitive 3-year fixed home loan (paying principal and interest) by Reduce Home Loans. Investors are able to consider applying for the RateCity Gold Award-winning Fixed Rate Wealth Maximizer home loan.

  1. Winner of Best Home Loan for the product Super Saver

A winner in the Best Home Loan category, the Super Saver Variable home loan from Reduce Home Loans not only offers borrowers a rate under 2 per cent, but the added ability to save big over the life of their loan. Thanks to a full electronic redraw facility, and the ability to make extra repayments, home loan customers can grow their savings while chipping away at their mortgage balance.

  1. Winner of Best Investor Home Loan for the product Rate Slasher Variable Investment Loan

Another win for investors, Reduce Home Loans’ Rate Slasher Variable has won in the Best Investor Home Loan category in the RateCity Gold Awards. With a variable rate of 2.39 per cent (2.44 comparison rate), the Rate Slasher Variable also offers a 100 per cent offset account to keep ongoing repayments cheap.

  1. Winner of Best Refinance Home Loan for the product Rate Cutter Home Loan

A frequent record-breaking home loan, Reduce Home Loans has been awarded a RateCity Gold Award for its Rate Cutter Home Loan. Variable rate owner-occupier refinancers can enjoy one of the lowest home loan rates on the market, currently sitting at 1.77 per cent (1.83 comparison rate).

Savings by switching to award-winning home loans

It’s not just the low fees and helpful features that make Reduce’s home loans frequent award-winners. By consistently offering lower-than-average home loan rates, customers are better able to keep their biggest ongoing expense low and aim to pay off their balance without going into mortgage stress.

Here’s how some of its home loan interest rates stack up against the market.

Owner-occupier fixed home loans

Loan Interest rate Monthly repayments
Home Owners Dream 3-year Fixed Loan 1.99% $1,693
RBA average outstanding owner-occupier fixed rate (less than or equal to 3 years) 2.86% $1,868


Owner-occupier variable home loans

Loan Interest rate Monthly repayments


Super Saver Variable Loan 1.99% $1,693
Rate Cutter Home Loan 1.77% $1,651
RBA average outstanding owner-occupier variable rate 3.17% $1,932


Investor fixed home loans

Loan Interest rate Monthly repayments
Fixed Rate Wealth Maximiser 2.37% $1,768
RBA average outstanding investor fixed rate (less than or equal to 3 years) 3.24% $1,947


Investor variable home loans

Loan Interest rate Monthly repayments


Rate Slasher Variable Investment Loan 2.79% $1,693
RBA average outstanding investor variable rate 3.53% $2,009

Source – RBA Lending Rates November 2020.

Note – Repayments based on hypothetical $400,000, 25-year home loan. Figures do not factor in fees or ongoing costs. Data accurate as of 22/01/2021.

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