Cheapest home loans on offer in July 2021

Reduce Home Loans- Cheapest Home Loans Australia

With the ongoing surge in property prices, finding the most cheapest home loan rates has become paramount for prospective homeowners. The recent RBA monthly meeting, attention has turned to identifying the most competitive interest rates available in the market. While property prices continue to increase, Reduce Home Loans continues to offer one of the lowest variable rates available. At 1.77%p.a. on the Super Saver 60 (1.86%*p.a. comparison rate).

Today Show- Effie Zahos

Today Show finance expert Effie Zahos discussed where to look for the cheapest home loans for refinancers. She said in an interview on 02 July that ‘It’s a case of looking around and seeing, “can I actually do better by refinancing?” ‘. See the full Today Show story here.

The Super Saver 60 is available for refinancers looking to reduce their interest rate and increase their savings. This product can lend up to $750,000 and requires a minimum deposit of 40%. Making it the best option for refinancers who have plenty of equity saved in their home.

In a climate marked by economic fluctuations and moving market, the quest for cheap home loan rates remains a priority for people looking for property ownership. As such, initiatives like the Super Saver 60 from Reduce Home Loans serve as valuable resources for people seeking to take advantage of their mortgage and achieve their financial goals.

Learn more about the cheapest home loan rates Reduce Home Loans offers here.

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