Home Loan and Finance Calculators

Using an online home loan calculator is the easiest way to help you estimate and assess your mortgage payment options. Choose any of our easy-to-use interactive calculators and tools below to help you crunch the numbers on any range of mortgage and/or investment related scenarios.

Note: All calculators are a guide only and should not be considered a quote, a loan offer, or investment advice. Other criteria may need to be considered and before taking out a loan you should consult your financial adviser. With just a quick call, we’ll be able to yell you what your options are and answer any questions. Call the team on 1300 REDUCE (733 823)


Basic Mortgage Repayment Calculator

Calculate your estimated repayments based on loan term and interest rate. You can also compare repayments across multiple rates at once.


Mortgage Extra Repayments Calculator

Find out how much on interest and time you can save with regular extra repayments toward your home loan.


Mortgage Offset Calculator

Attaching an offset account to your home loan can help you reduce the interest you pay on your loan. Calculate how much you could save on interest with savings in an offset account.


How Much Can I Borrow?

Estimate how much you could borrow based on your income, expenses and interest rate.


Principal and Interest / Interest Only Calculator

Compare repayments between a P&I and Interest Only repayment type. Find out how much you would pay on a full Interest Only term.


Stamp Duty Calculator

The amount of Stamp Duty you pay on a property purchase varies from state to state. Calculate how much you would expect to pay on your next owner occupied or investment purchase.

Budget Calculator

Here to help you calculate a rough budget. Get in tune with your expenses and understand your financial situation.


Savings Goal Calculator

Achieve your savings goal within a time frame and regular deposits.


Compound Interest Calculator

Opening a regular compound interest savings account can help you save even more for your home loan deposit. Find out how long it will take to reach your savings target.


Income Tax Calculator

Handy calculator to help you determine how much tax you pay based on your annual income.


What Can I Afford To Borrow?

Find out how much you could borrow based on your income and expenses. This is your total borrowing power.