Home improvement trends to try for 2022

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New year, new home renovations! With 2022 only a few weeks away, the time is right to begin thinking about what home improvements you may want to consider making in the new year.

Millions of Aussies have been forced to spend more time than ever at home thanks to the extensive pandemic-related restrictions and lockdowns this year. Data from Hipages reported that money households who may have otherwise spent funds on travelling, entertainment and property may be directed towards home improvements instead.

Hipages data found that 83% of Australians were saving an average of $1,183 per month during the lockdown period, and two thirds of homeowners intended to use these savings on home maintenance, improvement, repairs and renovations.

And we’re still growing our savings post-lockdowns according to the latest APRA statistics, with cash and deposits with financial institutions increasing by $16.2 billion (3.9%) in October alone.

The Hipages research also found almost half of those surveyed planned to spend between $1000 and $10,000 on home improvements in the next six months. And the number one reason for renovating is because homeowners would rather renovate their homes than upsize, which is understandable when you consider that property prices are still rising across the nation.

And it’s crucial that you start considering the home improvement trends you may want to adopt sooner rather than later, as the latest supply chain shortages impacting global imports mean that ordering in any supplies, such as paint colours, or furniture, such as sofas, may be delayed.

So, if you’ve been considering spending some of your lockdown savings on the family home, you’re not alone. Let’s explore some home improvement trends you may want to consider trying in 2022.


Home improvement trends for 2022

1. Sustainability

One of the most popular trends in home improvement is pivoting towards more eco-friendly products and technology. This can encompass a number of home improvement options, including solar panel installation, energy-efficient appliances and lighting, the use of natural materials in building, installing awnings, as well as the optimisation of natural light to reduce energy bills. Whichever sustainable practice you choose to adapt into your living spaces or backyard, the options are endless as well as beneficial for the planet, so you feel good doing so.

2. Natural design

Another trend that is only increasing with popularity is implementing design that connects the home to nature. The biophilic design movement has seen Aussie homeowners turn to more natural materials, such as timber and stone, for everything from kitchen island design and cabinetry, to flooring and bathroom tiling. Opting for natural materials over synthetic is not only better for the planet, but these touches can help elevate your home and create a sense of comfort and peace.

3. Multifunctional work spaces

With Aussies spending more time at home than ever before thanks to flexible work structures, making the most of your living spaces is fundamental. But it can be tricky to set up a home office in any old room of the home, especially if you’re in a smaller space.

This is where having a multifunctional home office can come in handy. If you’re looking to add an office or  study space to your home, ensure the home improvements encourage productivity and remain practical, while still meshing with the design and comfort you need in your home. Consider using aesthetically pleasing dividers to separate your working space, and making use of colour and greenery.

4. Show off your curves

One of the biggest design trends that are popping up in home renovations across Australia are the use of curved interiors, such round furniture, and curved exteriors, such as curved entryway stairs. Stylecurator.com.au advises that arched doorways are one of the most popular ways you can implement this trend in your 2022 home renovation.

While this may seem like just a current trend, arched doorways have always featured in design styles across the globe “including French provincial, Spanish and Mediterranean, Art Deco and more”, according to Stylecurator.com.au. If you’re looking for an interesting way to add a modern design element to your home renovation, an arched doorway may be just the ticket.

5. Feature walls are back

Made popular during the early 2000s, feature walls are one of the most affordable ways homeowners can transform a living space with just a coat of fresh paint. But nowadays, homeowners are finding new ways to be expressive and bold post-pandemic through wallpapers.

Wallpapers are having their moment, and styles like wallpapering within panels, use of modern damask prints, soft painterly neutrals, tiger motifs and garden structures are expected to soar in 2022. If you’re looking for a simple way to add some colour and pattern into your home after the last few drab Covid years, wallpapering a feature wall may be just the ticket.


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