Home Improvement Must-Haves For Spring 2022

Winter blues got you stuck inside and daydreaming about renovating your home? Now may be the perfect time to start your home improvement projects for the warmer months that can keep you cool and reduce your bills.


Our love affair with renovating our homes is no secret, with a record $1.14 billion in home renovation value reached in 2021, according to ABS data. With spring slowly approaching, and homeowners keen to renovate, we’ve compiled a list of home improvement must-haves that will brighten up your home.

Must-Try Renovation Ideas For Spring 2022


1. Outdoor awnings and blinds

One of the more affordable, yet overlooked, home improvement ideas for keeping out the heat in warmer months is updating and installing outdoor awnings and blinds. According to the YourHome Government website, up to 87% of a home’s heating energy is gained through windows, and improving your windows’ thermal performance “reduces energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions”.


Awnings help to regulate the amount of direct heat load on your windows, helping to reduce heat transfer in your home. This can be particularly helpful when attached to east or west facing windows that receive strong morning or afternoon sun. Further, updating your existing blinds in your home may assist in energy regulation by trapping heat at the windows and preventing it from heating your property.

2. Air-conditioning

The two main types of cooling systems are split systems (where part of the system is fixed to an interior wall and the other part is outside the home) or ducted systems (connected through the roof space of your property and directed into multiple areas of the home).


If you’re looking to keep costs low, split systems may be your preferred option as they are cheaper to buy and install than ducted systems. And if you’re only looking to cool one room, say the bedroom or living room, it will work out to be more affordable. Whereas, ducted air-conditioning can range into the thousands of dollars mark to install, but will cool the entirety of your property and may be managed by a thermostat for even temperature control.


As our spring and summer months continue to burn hotter than ever before, installing ducted air-conditioning or updating your existing split system is becoming a non-negotiable for many homeowners. In fact, it may help to boost your property’s value as it’s a desired feature of any home.


3. Heat reflective roof paint

Another option to consider when reducing the heat in your home is heat reflective roof paint. The paint is designed to help reflect solar radiation and may prevent solar heat entering your property, better insulating it in the warmer months. Not only may heat reflective roof paint help to keep out the heat, but it may also aid in protecting your roof from typical corrosion and thermal shock, as well as reducing leaking.


Further, a recent article by Vivify Roofing noted that you may be able to save up to 25% of your energy usage by using said paint as it lessens the amount of air-conditioning you may otherwise use. By limiting the amount of energy you consume through cooling systems, heat reflective roof paint may be a more sustainable option for some homeowners.

4. Pool installation

For many Australians, our lives and recreation are centred around water. Whether it be by the beach, in rivers and lakes or the humble family pool. With a few weeks left until the weather heats up again, now may be the right time to consider installing a pool. While it can be costly to maintain and you may see your energy bill increase, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to stay cool in the hotter months.


Both in-ground and above-ground pool installations may also increase your property’s value as it can be a desirable feature in suburbs away from beaches, and for families. Pools may help to turn the backyard into a unique selling feature, as you can pair your installation with a new patio, exterior lighting or even a fire pit.


5. Solar panels

One home improvement idea you may not have considered has less to do with cooling your home and more to do with cooling your energy bills. Solar panels are not only a renewable form of energy that may help to reduce your carbon footprint, but you may meet some (or all) of your energy needs and reduce your energy bills.


A recent article by Powershop noted that installing a 5kW solar panel may increase your property’s value by as much as $29,000. And in some instances, you may be able to feed back power surplus you’ve generated into the grid and, in turn, be paid for it through a ‘feed-in-tariff’.



Now is the time to consider what projects could help you create a warm-weather-friendly home that meets your needs, while also potentially boosting its value. If you’ve built up some savings or equity in your property, it may be worth putting some of it back into your home with a spring renovation.


Any statements are general in nature and do not take into account your financial personal situation, objectives or needs. You should consider whether any statement/s is suitable for you and your personal circumstances. Before making any financial decision, consider your circumstances and the product disclosure statement.

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