DIY projects for your home while in lockdown

With millions of Aussies now plunged into lockdown due to the latest COVID-19-led restrictions, many may be finding themselves stuck at home, realising their space could use some DIY improvements.

Construction is currently on pause in New South Wales, and even if you’re in another state or territory you may feel like there’s little to be done to boost your home’s value and general appearance. Luckily, there are several DIY projects that you could consider taking on that can be organised without spending thousands and hiring a team of experts.

With click and collect available for retail stores like Bunnings, completing one or all of these DIY projects may be possible, as well as COVID-safe.

DIY home improvement projects for lockdown

1. Change out your cabinet door knobs

One of the easiest ways to give your interior space a serious makeover is by changing out your old cabinet door knobs. Whether you want to tap into in-vogue colour palettes, add some gold accents, or you’re a fan of art-deco styling, spend some time researching new options that may better suit your kitchen, bathroom or wardrobe.

2. Paint your front door a statement colour

In terms of creating an inviting appearance and boosting curbside appeal, painting your front door may be a more accessible way to increase your property’s value if you cannot landscape the yard right now. Choose a statement colour, such as red or navy, to showcase your home’s personality. This project may be more involved than others and can require sanding your front door first, so may be worth looking at YouTube tutorials before approaching this alone.

3. Plant new vegetation in the front yard

Speaking of curbside appeal, another easy win that can be achieved in a matter of hours is planting more vegetation for your front yard. Maybe you’ve got a few bushes that have seen better days or the weeds have taken over. It may be worth pulling out what no longer suits and replanting fresh flowers, shrubs or small evergreen trees, like the water gum plant or evergreen ash.

4. Use peel and stick tiling

Small changes can make major differences in popular rooms of your house, such as your kitchen or bathroom. With construction and home renovations on pause, vinyl tiling may provide an easy and visually-pleasing alternative to ripping out and/or gluing down tiles yourself. There are a range of vinyl/peel and stick tiles at most home renovation stores, as well as online retailers, with popular options like subway tiling or azulejo tiling available. They’re easy to use and remove, and can bring your 90’s kitchen into the 21st century in a matter of minutes.

5. Paint your kitchen cabinets

Another way to modernise a kitchen without spending thousands of dollars is to paint your kitchen cabinets. Similar to painting your front door, this project may involve a little more work than others so do your research and look up some tutorials beforehand. Something as simple as adding a coat of white paint can immediately brighten up a space and let accent pieces, like your new cabinet door knobs, shine.


6. Lighting is everything

Lighting is a seriously underestimated aspect of any home and one of the easiest to update yourself. There’s no need to suffer with dated lighting fixtures and lightbulbs that don’t suit your home. Switch up your colour temperature by changing your bulbs from cool white to warm white, or vice versa. And look out for lamp shades you can switch out in your kitchen or living room to bring more warmth to a space or add some drama. Just keep in mind that DIY electrical work is illegal in Australia, so stick to aesthetic changes for now.

7. Build a veggie patch

If your home has a backyard and you have the space to do so, consider creating a veggie patch and planting herbs or vegetables you use on a regular basis. Not only will building a veggie patch yield you months of delicious returns and save on your grocery bills, but it’s a fun project to get kids involved with too.

8. Create a library wall

Found yourself reading more in lockdown but not sure how to stack your new collection? Or do you have boxes of books hiding somewhere in your house taking up space? Consider building your own library wall. Stores like IKEA and Kmart sell ranges of shelving options that you can stack side by side and fill with books and other home decor. This can help to add colour to a space, fill up a wall you’ve not known how to decorate and add a little sophistication to your home.

Home renovations when lockdown is over

Once lockdown is over it may be worth considering what your options are to help you achieve the rest of your home improvement goals. Outside of a personal loan or drawing down on your redraw facility, if you’re looking to do some serious renovating, you may want to consider a construction loan.

Unlike a mortgage, a construction loan is paid out along the stages of building or renovating. Once the build is finished, the construction loan then reverts to a standard mortgage. For more information on construction loans, give one of our advisors at Reduce Home Loans a call on 1300 REDUCE (722 823) and find out what’s right for you.

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