6 Home Projects to Refresh Your Home in the New Year

Refresh your home in 2022

The New Year is upon us and you, like many Aussie homeowners, may have renovations on your mind. If 2021 was a year of spending time inside and potentially saving up some rainy-day funds, then 2022 may be the year you make your ideal home projects a reality.

If your home is feeling a little drab, or if you’ve never made any home improvements since you moved in, you’d be surprised home much even the simplest of changes can transform a space. There are a number of exciting trends tipped to emerge in 2022, so really take the start of the year to do your research and create inspiration boards for your ideal projects.

From bigger renovations, to smaller, aesthetic improvements, there are a number of home projects you may consider to increase your property’s value and refresh your home for the new year.

Home projects to refresh your property in 2022

1. Spring cleaning

It’s hard to upgrade any space if you’re still climbing over old junk or unwanted gifts from Christmas you’ve stuffed into drawers. Your first step before you even begin a home project may be to do a little spring cleaning. And what better way to do so than by adapting the work of Japanese consultant, Marie Kondo.

Kondo encourages people to declutter their lives by tidying their homes and discovering what really matters to them, while saying goodbye to the rest, using her KonMarie method. If you’ve decided to start with a bedroom transformation, for example, you may want to start by clearing out and re-organising your wardrobe and furniture to create more usable space.

2. Entryway glamour

The entryway to your home is one of the most important parts of your property in terms of creating a first impression for your guests (or prospective buyers). If your home entryway is feeling a little cluttered or drab, it may be worth looking into creating a mudroom.

A mudroom is designed to keep your home free from mud, water, grass and generally reduce mess. It should be a space to neatly store any jackets, shoes, hats, keys, dog leashes and more, so they’re not left to create mess around your home. A good mudroom may have practical shelving, shoe storage areas, hooks for jackets, a floor mat, a space for umbrellas and anything else you can think of for the transition from outdoors to indoors.

Whether you’re contemplating a full build out, or want to invest in some organisational items from Ikea or Bunnings, transforming your entryway is a simple but effective home project.

3. Update your hardware

Another simple home project that can make a significant impact is changing up the hardware in your kitchen or bathroom. This refers to changing out the sink, taps and door or cupboard handles in these spaces to be more modern.

While this may be a small detail, there’s a reason they say the devil’s in the details. Whether you’re switching out outdated or chipped handles to beautiful copper ones, or changing your small kitchen sink for a spacious, farmhouse sink, any changes you make to your hardware may help bring your home into 2022.

4. Let there be light

One of the most common recommendations from designers when asked how to easily elevate a space is to change out your lighting fixtures. If you’re still rocking lighting fixtures from the 90s, it may be worth researching modern fixtures that better suit your home’s aesthetic.

If you have a room that’s feeling a little boring, installing a statement piece, like a chandelier, is a great way to add a little eye-catching drama to the room. Lighting doesn’t have to be just functional, with a much-adored trend over the last year being elegant or extravagant light fittings as the focus of a room.

5. Green is the new black

Another home project you may want to take up for the new year is making your home more green, meaning the space becomes more sustainable. Some green home projects and improvements may include:

  • Solar power, including battery storage and rooftop panel installation,
  • Rainwater tanks,
  • Greywater treatment,
  • Double glazing and improved insulation to reduce your reliance on electronic heating and cooling,
  • Energy efficient appliances, and
  • External awnings.

Not only can taking up some of these green improvements or renovations make your home more energy-efficient and reduce your utilities bills, but it can help reduce your carbon emissions as well.

6. A fresh coat of paint

The last two years have been challenging for everybody in Australia. And with so many homeowners restricted to their homes or encouraged to work from home, it may be worth adding a pop of colour to your environment to brighten up the space.

Adding a new coat of paint to a room is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to improve a space, and a worthwhile home project idea for your 2022 home transformation. Whether you want a bright, happy yellow to boost your serotonin or a soothing moss green for added relaxation, the colour of your home can help reflect what emotion you want the space to cultivate.

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