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If you’re seeking a lease, chattel mortgage, novated lease, or hire purchase, Reduce is equipped with the lending panel and knowledge to support your business with Equipment Finance.

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    We provide fast, no-documentation Equipment Finance options for various business needs.

    Whether you’re looking for a lease, chattel mortgage, novated lease, or hire purchase, Reduce has the expertise and lending resources to support your business’s growth with Equipment Finance.

    Our no-documentation options include:

    • Car Finance: Up to $150,000 available for established businesses with no financial documents required.
    • Trucks and Trailers: Up to $500,000 available for established businesses without financial documentation.
    • Earthmoving Equipment: Up to $500,000 accessible for established businesses with no financials needed.
    • Agricultural Machinery: Up to $500,000 obtainable for established businesses without financial documentation.
    • Materials Handling: Up to $250,000 accessible for established businesses without financial documentation.

    Are you a new business in need of a vehicle? We can assist you.

    If traditional banks have turned you down, there’s a good chance we can assist you.

    Whether you require financing for a $5,000 floor scrubber or a $1,000,000 scraper, we can find the right solution for you at the most competitive rates.

    Speak to our knowledgeable Personal Finance Managers today on 1300 733 823.

    Want a better deal on a loan? We’ve got you covered!

    No matter what asset your business requires to facilitate growth, we’re here to assist. Whether it’s a lease, chattel mortgage, hire purchase, or rental, we have a solution tailored to your needs. We provide equipment finance options with quick approvals and competitive rates, even without requiring financial documentation. Whether you’re purchasing from a dealer or through a private sale, we collaborate with lenders ready to support you.

    Car Finance

    From everyday office vehicles to customised utility vehicles or luxurious cars, we offer tailored and straightforward finance solutions to swiftly get you behind the wheel of your new vehicle.

    Truck Finance

    Whether you need financing for a prime mover, light truck, tipper, or trailer, we fund all components with terms that suit your preferences, ensuring a hassle-free process, quick turnaround time, and cost-effectiveness.


    If it’s related to farming activities like pulling, driving, connecting to a power take-off (PTO), or riding, we can finance it. From equipment for milking, grain storage, feed transportation to cooling systems, we support primary producers with flexible repayment structures and loan terms, outperforming major financial institutions in agricultural equipment finance expertise.


    Whether it’s excavation, loading, leveling, or compacting, we’re eager to finance it. From individual machines to entire fleets, regardless of your industry, be it plumbing, landscaping, or construction, we’re committed to finding the best funding arrangement for your requirements.


    Recognising the demanding nature of forestry work on equipment, we assist in securing financing for new, used, or refurbished machinery. We ensure repayment terms align with the equipment’s lifespan, striving to optimise your financial arrangements from the outset.


    For medical equipment needs ranging from dental chairs to diagnostic imaging devices and practice fit-outs, we have access to a broad spectrum of lenders, including specialised medical financiers, ensuring prompt, cost-effective financing solutions without disrupting your practice operations.

    Energy Efficiency

    Through our connections with Clean Energy funders, we facilitate financing for various eco-friendly initiatives such as solar installations, low-emission vehicles, LED lighting upgrades, and other emissions reduction efforts, enabling businesses to embrace sustainability while optimising financial resources.

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