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    Who is Reduce Home Loans

    Reduce Home Loans is a fully owned and operated Australian Finance Brokerage. Australian Credit Licence Number 388053. Head Office located in Queensland, Australia. The business operates nationally.

    Since the company’s inception Reduce Home Loans has focused exclusively on its core business function; the provisioning of unique and versatile residential lending solutions with the highest level of service ensuring our recommendations meet your needs. Reduce Home Loans has established itself a reputation in the marketplace having achieved numerous awards and is featured regularly in both print and television.

    We’re Different

    We’re not a bank! Reduce Home Loans is not a Bank and therefore do not accept deposits for savings accounts. Most Banks will use customer deposits to fund their mortgage lending objectives. Our role is to source funding through a variety of Financial Institutions.

    The benefits of these choices in funding are significant. With multiple funding options available we can provide a wider range of flexible funding alternatives not ordinarily available through a Bank. This allows for increased competition which is great for borrowers.

    Our Solutions

    One of the really significant facts in taking a home loan through Reduce Home Loans is that we access many diverse funding lines from our panel. Our Funders are amongst some of the leading national and internationally renowned brands.

    Who is responsible for the Mortgage

    Reduce Home Loans is not the owner of the mortgage in most cases rather it is owned by the original provider of the funds, who then works through a trustee. It is the trustee’s job upon settlement to ensure your mortgage is properly and professionally managed on a day-to-day basis by your Lender be it a Mortgage Manager or bank.

    In the unlikely event that your lender was to cease trading, then the trustee would simply appoint another Mortgage Manager or lender to ensure your mortgage is being maintained according to the strict industry standards governing the Australian Financial Industry. Your mortgage would then carry on as before, only ‘under new management’.

    How to contact us

    Should you have any concerns or wish to discuss any matters concerning your loan please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team who will be more than happy to help. Their contact details are as follows:-

    Mailing Address :PO Box 6990 GCMC 9726 QLD, Australia

    Telephone: 1300 733 823


    Loan assessment

    When we consider your loan application we consider whether it is not unsuitable for your needs. We base this assessment on the information contained in the loan application, the Applicant Disclosure and Assessment Form signed and acknowledged by you, the supporting information and documentation supplied by you and the independent enquiries that we make.

    Should we have your loan approved you are entitled to ask for and receive a copy of our loan assessment:-

    • Before executing the loan documents
    • Less than two years after the loan settles within seven days of your request
    • After two but no more than seven years after the loan settles within 21 days of your request


    All Reduce Home Loans team are trained and committed to providing customers with the highest standards of care, treating customers with courtesy in a friendly efficient and fair manner.

    Our staff are always delighted to know that they have succeded in making your Reduce Home Loans experience a pleasant and successful one.

    If one of our team has provided you with exceptional service in any way please let us know so that we can give them feedback and recognition.


    Should you for reasons illness, unemployment or other reasonable cause be unable to make your repayments under your credit contract we may be able to help you. Please contact our team and they will provide you with the necessary contacts to assist in considering your request.


    If, for any reason, you do not feel that you have received the highest standard of service from Reduce Home Loans and in the unlikely event that you are not happy with our services or the way in which we have handled a complaint please  feel free to contact our Customer Service Team on :-

    Telephone: 1300 733 823


    Mail: Complaints Manager

    PO Box 6990, GCMC 9726 QLD, Australia

    On receipt of your complaint we will investigate the matter, either fix the problem as you have requested or provide options available to you if we are not able to provide the solution you have requested and respond to you within 24 hours.

    If the matter is complex, should we not be able to provide a response within 24 hours or should you not be happy with our response your complaint will be processed through our Internal Dispute Resolution Process.

    We will endeavour to keep you updated with developments and will provide a formal response within no more than 45 days or 21 days if it relates to a default on your loan.

    Should your complaint relate to an arrears matter we will suspend any legal action that is underway whilst your complaint is being processed.

    After the matter has been through our Internal Dispute Resolution Process and if you are not satisfied with our response you may refer the matter to our External Dispute Resolution Scheme details of which are as follows:

    Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA)

    From Reduce

    We hope that your association with Reduce Home Loans is a long and happy one.

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