Young Mum Fights Stage 4 Cancer

mum fights cancer

Melissa with her family - mum fights cancer

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A Sister’s Plea- Mum Fights Cancer

Meet my sister Melissa. This beautiful girl is 39 years old and is the loving mother of three energetic sons aged 7yrs, 5yrs and 3yrs – whom she adores. In 2014 she was diagnosed with an aggressive, non-genetic breast cancer. Over a 9-month period, she endured 6 rounds of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, the removal of her lymph nodes and radiotherapy. Finally, after getting the all-clear, her life returned to normal and the little family flourished.


But in November 2016, just 18 months later came the bombshell discovery that cancer has returned in her bones. This is called Stage 4 cancer, there is no cure and it will eventually take her life.

Melissa’s biggest fear is not being there to see her sons grow up, which is every mother’s worst nightmare. Moreover, she fears for her husband, who would be left to try and work to support the family as well as raise the three boys on his own.

Support System

Family and friends are rallying to support her in every way that we can, and inevitably a lot of that support will come down to funds. Melissa is determined to throw everything she can at her situation, including both traditional and alternative medicine. Our great hope is to buy her more time, because one day there may be an advanced drug, or even a cure, that can help her.

Your generosity will go towards Melissa’s continued medical treatments, and perhaps a family trip to Disneyland to make more happy memories. We are trying to condense a lifetime of experiences into a shorter time frame and to remove some of the financial stress that is inevitably affecting this little family at a time when they need to be enjoying each other as much as they can.

Any support you can offer, no matter how small, would be incredibly gratefully received.

Thanking you

For transparency, funds raised will be directed toward the following areas:

  • Medical treatment costs (in arrears, current & future and includes costs associated with a drug trial)
  • Family breaks
  • Reducing financial pressure through mortgage reduction
  • Contributing to the ongoing cost of raising three children on one salary
  • Minimal admin costs (we are seeking goodwill wherever possible).

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At Reduce, we stand in solidarity with Melissa and her family as they navigate through this challenging time. Your contribution can make a meaningful impact by supporting Melissa’s medical treatments and alleviating some of the financial burden on her family. Together, we can help create more precious memories for Melissa and her loved ones. Thank you for your generosity.

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