Widowed mother of 2 battles cancer

Amy With her Kids - widowed mother

widowed mother

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Mum Fights Cancer

Latest update: Amy has just completed her fourth round of chemo, with the next 6 months being a crucial time for her. The doctors have told us that her cancer has reacted well to the chemo but unfortunately, her body has suffered. She has had two very serious infections, a throat infection and a chest infection that she has only just finished antibiotic infusions for. Fortunately, her mother has been able to take the remainder of the year off of work to stay with Amy, who likely will need support for at least another 6 months. If the cancer does return within 6months we have been told to expect the worse as it will come back with a vengeance but if her blood counts do continue to rise Amy will be headed for remission. She and the boys are so grateful for all of the donations so far, they can’t imagine how they would have survived without it.

From my heart to yours, I am looking to the community to help support a dear friend and beautiful mother Amy who has been diagnosed with Leukemia a cancer of the blood.

Who is Amy?

Amy is 25. A widowed mother of 15-month-old twin boys Cash and Cruz. Amy’s love of her life committed suicide in 2016, leaving her to raise her two children independently. With limited supports, Amy has shown courage, determination and true strength as a sole parent.

Unfortunately, in the month of April 2017, Amy was given the devastating news that she has Leukemia and will need to undergo chemotherapy. Amy has spent every day hospitalised since being diagnosed and has a long road to recovery.

It would be a wonderful thing if as a community we could come together to give some light into the life of Amy and her boys. Every donation counts and will assist in the cost of medical bills, a good quality wig to help boost Amy’s confidence and most importantly to help support her young twins who have a fulfilling life to live.

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