The Knight’s War

A Knight's war

A Knight's war

The Knight’s War

The Knight family had just won a battle and were finally able to become pregnant after 3 years of anticipation and heartaches. But, alas! Even before the baby arrived, another battle slowly turned into a war and once again challenged the couple.

Matthew and Clare Knight, a young couple who is just about to enjoy their family life got disturbed. Matthew’s simple headache and loss of smell by which they thought was a case of sinusitis became as huge as Sinonasal Adenocarcinoma, an incredibly rare and aggressive cancer.

Matthew went to a series of surgeries with the risk of losing his eyesight, or even potentially losing brain function. 60 lymph nodes were removed and the surgery went well. Matthew needed to go into a series of radiotherapy. Clare was with him daily while taking care of their still unborn baby. Matthew was able to finish the treatment 2 weeks prior to the birth of their long-awaited son Elliott with the knowledge of his battle almost won.

Another Battle Arises

Knight's war continues

After the arrival of their new bundle of joy, Matthew was already a protective father. After almost 2 months of feeling the sense of normality, he began to feel pain in his ribs and stiffness in his back and the doctor suspected nothing cancer-related. Both doctors and the Knight family were shocked to see the result of his PET scan, the cancer had spread to his bones, ribs, spine and pelvis. With this aggressive cancer doctors suggested chemotherapy to help contain the cancer and prolong his life. Matthew’s bones reacted well and PET scans show a decrease in the bone metastases.

After Elliott’s baptism came another turn of events; Matthew had a seizure. MRI revealed that the cancer had grown back through the meninges of the brain. Without hesitation and with faith, Matthew started another radiotherapy. While the radiotherapy has minimized some of the brain cancer, it has spread further in other areas of the meninges causing Matthew to have moments of confusion and severe headaches.

With no clinical trial available to this rare cancer, Clare and Matthew decided to self-fund an immunotherapy drug. The trial will not only be experimental for Matthew but also has not been documented for anyone globally with Matthew’s type of cancer. This was the only recommendation given to the young family. Elliott’s biggest smiles have always been for his Dad – a Dad who hopes to watch his son get married or graduate but, currently and most importantly, Matthew’s biggest hope is to be there for his first birthday.

The Journey

The immunotherapy treatment is a costly venture after already passing through such a difficult journey. Each treatment costs $6,000 every 3 weeks. If Matthew is feeling well another 3 treatments will follow and PET and MRI scans to see hopefully with positive results for a year. Not many people fight this type of cancer, even less beat it due to its rarity.

Help Matthew be the Knight that finally stops winning small battles but instead wins the war!

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