Tanya’s Recovery

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Tanya's Recovery

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Funds for Tanya’s Recovery

We are asking our community for help in Tanya’s recovery. Tanya (Mum) went in for surgery Tuesday the 2nd Jan. It didnt go as we had hoped, she had an allergic reaction to the anaesthetic and started convulsions straight away. The reaction caused her heart to stop for 40mins. She has had to stay in ICU for two nights costing over $9,500. She has stayed in the ward for another 2 nights costing another $2,300 per night. We also have to find money for the doctors fees that are currently sitting at $4,000 with more bills to come in the mail.

I am trying to get some funds together for them so they can pay the hospital bill.

If anyone could donate even a little bit, it would be much appreciated in taking the burden off Tanya’s recovery.

Thank you.

Visit people that might need your helping hand. Your donations are greatly appreciated.


A small message from Reduce

We’re rallying around Tanya and her family during this challenging time. The unexpected medical expenses can be overwhelming, and any support from the community can make a real difference in her recovery journey. Your generosity, whether big or small, can help alleviate some of the financial burdens they are facing. Let’s come together to support Tanya’s healing process and show her that she’s not alone in this fight. Thank you for your kindness and compassion.

Reduce urges anyone who can lend a helping hand to please consider donating. Your contribution can help make a positive impact on Tanya’s recovery and her family’s well-being.

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