Talk Like A Pirate Day – Childhood Cancer

talk like a pirate day

Talk Like a Pirate to raise awareness and funds for Childhood Cancer Support

Avast, me hearties! Set yer sails for a grand voyage on the high seas of charity as we prepare to hoist the Jolly Roger for a noble cause! Arrr! Come Wednesday, September 19, 2018, all hands on deck for Talk Like A Pirate Day! It be a day to don yer finest pirate garb, splice the mainbrace, and talk like a buccaneer to raise doubloons for Childhood Cancer Support . Let’s make merry and do good, me mateys!

Ye schools, workplaces, and communities, gather round and join in the swashbucklin’ fun! Let’s plunder the treasure chest of generosity and raise both funds and awareness for the little scallywags fightin’ the dreaded scourge of childhood cancer.

How does Childhood Cancer Support assist families?

Now, let me tell ye about the gallant deeds of Childhood Cancer Support, the very heart of our cause. They be like a sturdy anchor in the stormy seas of childhood cancer, offerin’ safe harbor to families in need. With their short-term and long-term accommodations, they provide a haven for families to rest their weary bones as they face the trials ahead. And that be not all! Their free transport service be like a lifeboat, ferried families to and fro, keepin’ ’em tethered to hope and support. And when the sun sets, they provide a harbor of social activities, where families can find solace and companionship on their journey.

But here be the crux of the matter, me hearties: none of this be possible without the generous spirit of kind souls like yerselves. So, I beseech ye, dig deep into yer pockets, like a pirate huntin’ for buried treasure, and donate to this worthy cause. Let’s rally together, don our long johns, and stand as one against the dark tide of childhood cancer sweepin’ across our fair land of Australia.

Ye can make yer donations here, and mayhaps earn a place in the annals of history as a true hero to these brave young buccaneers and their families. So, weigh anchor, me hearties, and let’s set sail for a brighter tomorrow! Arrr!

Don your Long Johns and donate to this cause offering relief and support for families struggling with children’s cancer across Australia.

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