Support the Lewis Family

Support for the Lewis Family

Lewis family - recovery from accident

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Support the Lewis Family

A damaged spinal cord, broken vertebrae, fractured scapula and broken ribs – this is the damage to our friend Andrew Lewis, who suffered a terrible accident this week while preparing to compete in a downhill mountain bike competition. What should have been a ‘run of the mill’ practice run for an upcoming race turned into tragedy when Andrew came off his mountain bike, hitting a tree head first, then landing on his back some distance from the track. He is a father to two beautiful young girls, and loving husband to his amazing wife Shanel who need our support right now.

The road ahead

Andrew has lost the use of his legs with no feeling from his waist down. Doctors say Andrew will be in the hospital for 6 months, recovering from spinal surgery and relearning the physical basics you and I take for granted. The journey of rehabilitation will be long and hard, especially when Andy finally leaves the hospital to adjust to a new way of life.

Immediate needs

This is a difficult scenario for the young self-employed Brisbane sparky and his family to face. With no income coming in, a mortgage, regular living expenses and of course whatever medical expenses lie ahead, the needs are great – and we can play a part in alleviating the burden.

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