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Henry with Non Hodgkin Lymphoma - cancer journey
Henry's cancer journey
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Henry and the Journey with Cancer

Hello everyone,

My name is Jessica Stowers and I have set this go fund me page up for my husband Henry.

Most of you know Henry as a hard-working, humble & compassionate man who would give his last shirt off his back for anyone if they needed it and likes to have a good laugh as well, he always puts others first and is always the one to put his hand up if you ever need a hand and LOVES a good game of rugby.

On April 7th, 2017 Henry has diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma a type of blood cancer which showed up and surprised us all. After having an emergency appendix removal & then 2 weeks later some of his small bowels removed his doctor’s found the cancer and broke the news. He has since started his first round of Chemotherapy treatment and is about to start his 2nd round.

As you can imagine this has made it impossible for him to continue working for the next 6-12 months as he is focusing on healing his body. He has a beautiful group of family and friends behind him who love & support him 100% but of course, this experience doesn’t come without its hardships especially after losing our beautiful little sister Aloemma six months prior to this news.

The financial strain and stress of health problems can be a significant burden and has definitely set him back on bills and everyday living costs, especially with my income being the only money coming in at the moment.

Even though Henry asks for nothing but love & prayers and positive thoughts I have created this page to let people who love Henry to make a small monetary contribution for his long journey ahead. The donations will go towards medical bills, prescription medicines, dietary food, rehab, everyday living costs as well as assisting with IVF costs for the future family we so dearly want but can’t conceive naturally anymore after his treatment.

Whatever way you show your support we thank you from the bottom of our hearts even if you can’t donate please share this page 🙂 and help spread the love.

Also, any leftover money will be contributed to his baby sister’s headstone and unveiling.

Please keep Henry in your prayers & thoughts during this battle <3

Love & gratitude

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