Sunflowers for Jess

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Sunflowers for Jess

surfing accident

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Jess’s Tragic Accident: A Life-Changing Event

On Thursday, May 31, 2018, Jess had a terrible accident while surfing with friends on the Gold Coast. She ended up face down in the water and couldn’t move or feel anything below her shoulders. Her C5 vertebra, which is in her neck, got broken, and her spinal cord got squashed.

The Strong Jess: Someone Who Doesn’t Give Up

If you don’t know Jessica Collins, she’s an amazing person who lights up every room she walks into. She’s a daughter, sister, friend, lifeguard, and athlete. Winning medals in surf life-saving and almost finishing her degree in teaching.

Dealing with Tough Times

Even though Jess just turned 24, she’s not letting this accident stop her. She’s determined to get better. But getting better is going to cost a lot of money for Jess and her family.

Asking for Help: Standing by Jess’s Side

Jess’s family and friends are asking for your help. Even a small donation can make a big difference in helping Jess get better. We hope that one day she’ll be back on her feet, just like a sunflower facing the sun.

Join Our Team: Supporting Others in Need

Your kindness can change lives, just like it can change Jess’s. Visit our Charity Fundraising page to see how you can help more people like Jess. Your support means a lot. xx


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