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Stand Up for Seth

This is a story about a family; Carla and Seth, their two twin boys Edward and Henry and doting big sister Lilly.

After a particularly tough 2016, they welcomed 2017 with excitement; ready to embrace the year ahead… alas the universe had different plans.

On the 13th of April, Seth sought the advice of his GP after suffering pain in his left wrist. A MRI scan soon revealed a large spinal cancer encroaching on the spinal cord. Seth’s surgery was scheduled at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane and took place on Monday (8th of May). After 8 hours in the operating theatre, the surgeon described things as having ‘gone to plan’ with majority of the tumour being removed however it was not until Seth woke in the ward with what he described as his ‘magic legs’.

One of the surgeries real risks; paraplegia had been cruelly realised. Seth and his beautiful wife Carla were told the heart breaking news yesterday that he is highly unlikely to ever regain function in his legs and is paralysed from the waist down… they are yet to find out the type of cancer, with the real possibility of more surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy to follow. This is utter devastation for the young, vibrant, fun loving energetic family.

Family Needs

For those that know this family, you will understand how truly unfair and heartbreaking this is. Both Carla and Seth are nurses and have cared for our families (and maybe even yours) and now its time we look after theirs. They have three beautiful children, Henry and Edward who just celebrated their first birthday and big sister Lilly who is three and keeps a close eye on everything and everyone!

We know that a $100,000 target is ambitious, but this diagnosis now brings the costs of medical care, hospital parking for Carla and not to mention both of them now not being able to work and having to cover costs for their mortgage, children and groceries etc. They need to fund modifications to their home before Seth can return in a wheelchair. The impact that this diagnosis will have on their lives is profound and will impact every facet.

Any extra will assist in securing Henry, Edward and Lilly’s future and making sure they can stay in their home.

Thank you in advance for whatever you can spare (no matter how small).


Seth with his boys - stand up for seth

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