100 y/o Nan Skydiving for MND

Nan Skydiving for MND

Nan Skydiving for MND - skydiving for a causeDonations to 100 y/o Nan Skydiving for MND


100 y/o Nan Skydiving for MND

Born in 1916, Irene will be celebrating her 100th birthday at the end of May 2016.

Mother of a daughter and a son, Grandmother of 5 and Great-Grandmother of 11 children from17 to 7 months, Irene lost her daughter 8 years ago to Motor Neurone Disease.

To Celebrate turning 100 years, Irene is doing a 12,000 foot tandem parachute jump in memory of her daughter to raise funds and awareness for Motor Neurone Disease.

Nan is paying the cost of the skydive herself – so your donation will go to support the MND Association SA.

Please offer your support to Irene for her courage and dedication to raise funds for others suffering from MND.

Your donation is greatly appreciated by Irene, her family and the Motor Neurone Disease Association SA.



Meet Irene, a remarkable centenarian with a heart as adventurous as her spirit. Approaching her 100th birthday, Irene is defying gravity for a cause close to her heart. Having tragically lost her daughter to Motor Neurone Disease, she’s soaring through the skies on a tandem parachute jump. Irene’s courage and dedication shine bright as she takes on this exhilarating challenge to raise funds for those battling MND. Your support can make a world of difference, not only to Irene and her family but to countless others affected by this relentless disease. Every donation is a beacon of hope, a testament to the strength of community and the power of unity in the face of adversity. Join Irene’s journey, lend a hand, and let’s soar together towards a future free from the grip of MND.


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