Selfless Sam’s Journey

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Selfless Sam with her Family

Selfless Sam’s Journey

“Some people are just selfless, always thinking about others and good to the core” words from selfless Sam’s co-workers from Queensland Law Society. Sam, a healthy non-smoker has been diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic lung cancer with an EGFR mutation. Sam is described as a “Caring person who cares about everyone she comes into contact with or takes the time to listen when you know she has a thousand other things to do.”

It Started When

Sam felt shortness of breath and back pain, she was rushed to a hospital and been diagnosed with lung cancer. She had to give birth nine weeks prematurely to an adorable baby girl, Cecilia. Sam and her husband chose to not ask about her prognosis because they plan to shrink cancer as long as possible so Sam can receive treatments that might eventually cure her. Starting treatment at home, Cecilia is still in the neonatal intensive care unit but hopefully, she will be able to join her big brother Max, Cam and Sam.

Funds For Sam

Donations will be used for:

  • Medical costs for Cecilia
  • Access to emerging treatments
  • Day to day costs for their family
  • Making memories as a family

Please donate for Sam or please do share this page to extend help for this adorable family. Please also see other people that need your helping hand.

“Plant flowers in others’ gardens and your life becomes a bouquet!”
― Author Unknown


Your generosity can make a significant difference in Selfless Sam’s journey as she battles against metastatic lung cancer while also caring for her newborn daughter Cecilia. Together, we can offer support and comfort to Sam and her family during this challenging time. By donating, you’re providing crucial support for medical expenses, emerging treatments, daily needs, and precious family moments. Your kindness embodies the spirit of compassion and solidarity, offering hope and comfort during challenging times. Join us in uplifting her and her family today.

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