Sarah’s Stroke Rehab/Medical Bills

Sarah's stroke rehabilitation

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Sarah’s Stroke Rehab/Medical Bills

My beautiful little sister Sarah suffered a stroke just 2 days ago. She has lost complete use of her left arm and very limited strength in her left leg. And her smile, though still warm and infectious is a little wonky!

Sarah is only 27!! She is a full-time homemaker for her Husband Trenton and their 4 children. As it stands, rehabilitation has been advised that will likely be ongoing for several months at least.

The cost of rehabilitation, as well as hospital, medical and ongoing pharmaceutical bills, will be so difficult for this precious family to deal with, especially with their Mother/Wife unable to help as much as she did.

She is also in need of equipment for her mobility. Anything you can give would be so gratefully received! All funds will be used to pay off the medical debt and rehab for Sarah.

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