Sandra’s cancer battle

Smiling Sandra - cancer battle

Sandra smiling - cancer battle

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Fight with Sandra

Our bright bubbly and always smiling Sandra has been delivered some pretty devastating and shocking news. Two weeks ago Sandra received results back from testing they had done after she had complained about crippling pain. She has been diagnosed with a rare form of aggressive cancer of the Fallopian tubes. If we are going to give this cancer a name it is Papillary serous adenocarcinomas. Only 1% of women get this type of cancer and it’s a shock to see it in someone so young. After having a number of tests and cat scans over the last few weeks, she has been scheduled in to have her uterus, ovary, lymphs and part of her stomach lining taken out.

This surgery is huge and will take a great toll on her both physically and mentally. Once they have performed the surgery and she has been cleared, they can then move onto chemotherapy to make sure that it doesn’t have a chance to make a comeback. At best, she is looking at 4-5 months until she can make her comeback. We will be updating this as we often as we can to keep you all informed. What is even more unsettling is that she has used her sick days while she was having her ticking time bomb vein removed.

A Wonderful Lady

If you have ever had the chance to be in the presence of the wonderful and amazing lady’s life, you know that she is quite possibly the most humble and warm person. Her smile and laugh light up any room that she walks in to and she has always got time for you. Her dream of one day becoming a flight attendant became a reality and she has been working her wings off the whole time. From her international days to her current position as a cabin supervisor with the domestic crew, she has warmed our hearts and become a valuable part of the Virgin family.

Sandra is a devoted mum, daughter, friend, sister and just an amazing person. Please help Sandra as little or as much as you can. Any money you donate will go towards treatment, travel for family members to be with her through this time, any day to day expenses, medication costs, and just general living expenses. She will also be out of work for pretty much the remainder of the year. This is a huge burden on her financially. To not have to worry about money will give her the ability to focus on beating this ugly disease.

Let’s keep this amazing woman in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers while she battles like crazy to get her health back.

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