Rosie Needs Our Help

Rosie with Leukemia

Rosie needs treatment for leukemia

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Rosie Needs Our Help

Hi, my name is Delia Beattie & I’m Rosie’s Aunty. Rosie was devastatingly diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia earlier this month & naturally I’ve been feeling helpless & unsure of how I can help so I’ve decided to try & raise some much needed funds for Rosie & her family for the medical costs, travel & the accomodation.

Now that the initial shock of this news has settled in the reality of what’s ahead has kicked in.

For the past month, Rosie has been an inpatient at the Royal children’s hospital receiving her first lot of treatment for the Leukaemia.

The family’s home is in the North East of Victoria, near Wangaratta and they find themselves in the situation that Rosie won’t be able to just go home in between treatments as she is now at high risk of other diseases or infections.

Over the next 9-12 months, Rosie will need to be as close to the Royal Children’s Hospital as possible. This meaning that either Vanessa or Travis is unable to work & someone has to be there to care for her at all times.

Now looking forward with all the medical expenses sorting out accommodation within the CBD isn’t going to be cheap. I’ve had so many people asking me what they can do to help & I know this is something that would take a huge strain off the family as they go through this already tough time.

I am hoping that we can help make this time for them as easy as possible, so if you can help in any way I know they would be so grateful.

Thank you so much.

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