Rigs’ Brain Cancer Battle

brain cancer

brain cancer

Giving to Help Ease the Pain of Cancer

Sonia’s best friend, Rigs, was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 33 along with the personal trials in her life. Over the years of countless appointments, she was able to beat the odds and never gave up hope. Five years ago, Rigs was diagnosed with a rare form of Ovarian Cancer (primary). She underwent surgery and told that she was one of the lucky ones. After battling cancer she continued to give back by sitting as a committee member of the Brain Tumour Alliance of Australia. She was able to provide the rare perspective of someone who knew about policy but was also fighting this disease.

September 2017 during one of her routine, her MRI scans showed her brain cancer had grown. After receiving treatments her oncologist told her that her chemotherapy is not working. Her cancer progressed to Grade IV brain cancer. Her oncologist recommended a new drug called Avastin that would cost for up to 6 rounds (fortnightly intravenous infusion) would be between $23k-$25k. As a single mother on a disability pension, she cannot afford the medication, her family gathered the money together to immediately start the infusion for Rigs to survive.

Sonia decided to write this message to broaden the network of family and friends to be able to raise the money not only to provide the drug but also to take her to the US to undergo a genetic testing on the brain tissue. Please donate for Rigs and her 16 years old daughter to fight for the challenges of their lives. Visit GoFundMe to read more about Rigs’ Story and donate.

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