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Renee Chandler Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Renee - treatment for cancer

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Fight of Renee 

My dear friend Renee Chandler is up for the fight of her life. At the age of 33, Renee has been diagnosed with stage 4 super aggressive triple negative breast cancer. Unfortunately, Renee has not responded well to standard Australian treatment and it has now spread to her liver, lungs, brain and bones.

Renee’s best chance for survival is to go to Germany to receive treatment that she would not be able to receive in Australia. The treatment cost is significant and can potentially cost as much as $100K.

Renee needs treatment now as her prognosis that she received today is that she has 3 months left.

Please help

I beg of you to dig deep, as far as you can into your soul and donate whatever you can.  However small or large you are able to gift every last dollar counts.

Renee is the kindest, sweetest, gentlest person you would ever meet that would never be able to ask you for money so I am doing so on her behalf. Please share with your friends far and wide. Renee needs all the support she can get.

My eternal gratitude will be forever yours with any donation you able to make.

Thank you,



We have all been touched by the kindness and warmth of Renee Chandler. Now, as she faces this immense challenge, we have a chance to come together and support her in return. Renee’s battle against stage 4 triple negative breast cancer has reached a critical point, and the treatment she urgently needs is beyond what’s available locally. Every contribution, no matter how small, can make a difference in extending Renee’s time with us. Let’s rally around her, sharing this message far and wide, and giving what we can to help her access the treatment that offers hope in her fight for survival. Your generosity will not only provide financial support but also serve as a beacon of love and solidarity during this difficult time. Thank you for standing with Renee in her hour of need.

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