Reduce Home Loans Making A Difference in Aussies Lives

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Reduce Home Loans Making A Difference in Aussies Lives

Adam West of created a blog about Reduce Home Loans and how Reduce is making a difference for Australian residents. According to West, Reduce Home Loans is an example of lender that is finding ways not only in providing better rates but also promotes charitable causes. “Reduce Home Loans works to promote financial and emotional strength and solidarity among Australians.”

An example of Reduce’s Charity Fundraising is about Lochie’s Leukemia Fund where Cass, Lochie’s mom got the worst news about her son having a Philadelphia Chromosome-positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia — a rare mutation that can cause his white blood cells to become cancerous. Doctors believe they can cure Lochie’s disease through chemotherapy, but with an expensive treatment and Cass’ reduced work hours so she could be with Lochie and her family. Reduce Home Loans and other donors had helped raise funds for Cass and her family.

With Reduce’s most competitive interest rates possible and online service, customers are allocated their own personal finance advisers who help them select the best loan suitable for their needs. With Reduce’s simplified process, consumers can apply online in the comfort of their own homes. Because the entire system is online, Reduce Home Loans doesn’t need to maintain branch offices in various locations and operates out of a single space. This economical operations model allows the company to keep its costs low.

“These savings are therefore passed on to the customers in the form of cheaper rates with the added convenience of online lending,” Beitz, Reduce Home Loans General Manager said.

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Reduce Home Loans, Giving Back

With Reduce Home Loans’ Charity Fundraising, Reduce not only helps Australians save on interest in their home loans but also helps families and individuals in need.

“Each week, one team member picks a charity or cause that is close to their heart.” Beitz said. “The rest of the team chooses to support the charity, respecting their colleague and less-fortunate Aussies.”

Reduce Home Loans not only offers financial resources and tools to assist borrowers in the process of deciding or getting a home loan. They also help fellow Australians improve their lives.

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