Prostate Cancer Awareness

Andrew and Dave - prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer Awareness

Andrew Perez, an administrator at a beauty school is one of the active members of Movember Foundation with a passion in raising prostate cancer awareness.

His journey started when his father had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and wanted to do everything he could to be able to help him. Andrew started to change his lifestyle along with his dad, changing their diet, exercise and even do yoga together. Andrew found out about Movember after reading a Men’s Health magazine and accepted the Movember challenge to start the month of November clean-shaven which means the first fresh face that he had in over a year and a half.

Movember Journey Starts

Andrew Perez raising prostate cancer On that November 1st was the beginning of his Movember journey and shaved down. When Andrew walked in the door that morning to the stunned stares of his students, he asked one of his students to get an immediate haircut. Before they began, a student asked what the deal was, he explained about Movember and his dad and the student donated $50 if he get it cut into a mullet… and so he did! His dad still had the photo and made it into a mousepad which Andrew still uses to this day. And from that day on, he knew that he could get people on board with ridiculous stunts and antics. Andrew also joined The Suit Challenge and The Angry Monkey Dance.

All that tomfoolery aside, Andrew’s purpose is truly to stop men from dying too young. Men from across the globe believe that they cannot show emotion, weakness and that they cannot ask for help. “Eating steak doesn’t make you a man. Being stoic doesn’t make you a man. Shouldering the burdens of the world in silence doesn’t make you a man. So everyone, let’s stop men from dying too young. Let’s show our empathy and support for the men in our lives who are struggling not only against health challenges, but against decades of mandated social conditioning. Let’s grow our Mo’s, hug some Mo’s, and get some Mo Bros into the produce aisles and out onto the treadmills of the world.” – Andrew Perez.

Read more about Andrew and Dave’s Story and know how to join Movember!

Worried if you have prostate cancer? Check for the symptoms below:

Elderly Man - prostate cancer

  • Feeling the frequent or sudden need to urinate
  • Finding it difficult to urinate (for example, trouble starting or not being able to urinate when the feeling is there or poor urine flow)
  • Discomfort when urinating
  • Finding blood in urine or semen
  • Pain in the lower back, upper thighs or hips.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, please go and see your doctor. Prostate cancer is an age-dependent disease, the risk of getting prostate cancer by the age of 75 is 1 in 7 men. By the age of 85, this increases to 1 in 5. Know more about prostate cancer and how to reduce the risk of developing it.

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