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Project Karma’s Goal

I have founded Project Karma as a Non-Governmental Organisation and it is listed as an Australian registered charity.

After travelling extensively throughout South East Asia over the last 12 months and working with a major child protection organisation in running a project spread over 6 countries that focussed on investigating reports of transnational child sex exploitation and working with local authorities in bringing perpetrators to justice, as well as consulting to other smaller child protection agencies in combating these types of crimes, I have identified a need for a new approach to the currently adopted one in these regions and many other areas that require a targeted focus.

How We Began

My story has been covered through numerous media outlets in Australia and around the world during my time overseas and I have learned much about the nature of these crimes and successful methods in combating them. I have also developed an extensive network in these countries that Project Karma will draw upon to combat organised crime that facilitates the services and the foreign nationals that visit the regions to utilise them. We will also be focussing on expatriates and local offenders that sexually abuse children.

I have since returned to Australia and created a project model that will be a game-changer in making serious inroads to stamping out the human trafficking of children into forced prostitution and protecting children from travelling child sex predators – “The Sentinel Project”

A full business plan is available to serious donors on request and a website is currently under development. We are in the startup phase and funding is required to enable me to afford to focus on this project full time and travelling to researched, target locations in South East Asia to interview suitable partner organisations to provide aid services to the children we will be rescuing as well as identifying a suitable premises as a base of operations and interviewing potential investigators and staff members.

Full details of the project concept, targets, goals and strategies will be presented on this page in the weeks to come as the final stages of incorporation are completed and the project moves into a roll out. Once the charity is registered officially, tax-deductible donation options will be provided, partner charity organisations will be announced and we plan to launch a dedicated global media campaign. For now, we are appealing for donations to cover startup costs and would appreciate anything you are able to offer… Every dollar helps.

I am dedicated to seeing this vision become a reality and I have committed everything I have to it. I hope you feel as passionate as I do about tackling this serious issue and want to play a part in having an impact on these criminals and saving children from the abhorrent circumstances they are forced to endure. Here is the story of my background as was originally released last year to assist in sending me to South East Asia to begin this journey which has ultimately led to the creation of Project Karma and the Sentinel Project.


My name is Glen and I am a qualified Private Investigator with over 12 years’ experience in the Victorian Police Force.

12 months ago I made a decision to leave Australia in order to offer my skills as an investigator to assist organizations abroad to combat Transnational Child Sex Offenders which is a broad term used to describe many forms of pedophilia and child sex exploitation committed by traveling and expatriate foreign nationals as well as organized crime syndicates around the world. It took some 6 months of research and preparation to enable me to make the transition and my journey to date has led me to multiple countries throughout South-East Asia as I accepted a position with an international non government organisation heading a donation-funded project to coordinate, manage, mentor, train and in some cases provide my services directly in the field to assist in enhancing the investigative skills and evidence gathering techniques of around 10 local private investigation teams tasked with analysing, investigating and then reporting to law enforcement agencies on all known incidents of child sexual exploitation spread across India, Nepal, Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

I was previously based in Jakarta, Indonesia but broadened my scope to continue this work with other organizations and relocated to Bali. I plan to follow this journey where ever it will take me and stay where the need is greatest. I have a very big dream that with the help of the many good local and international contacts and the support many good people with good hearts that have and continue to donate to funding me in this mission, I can see that this will become a reality.

I plan to have investigation teams located in more and more “hot spots” for child sex tourism as well as assist in the design of a safe house that will be used to rehabilitate and provide welfare and education services to child victims of these abhorrent crimes but I also plan to partner with many like-minded people and organisations with the singular goal to take the fight to the organised crime syndicates that create the market for travelling child sex offenders and profit from the life long damage that they inflict upon children every day.

I have been fortunate enough in this first 3 months to build an extensive network of local and international police as well as embassies, consulates, charities and non-government organisations that provide critical after care and rehabilitation services to the victims we rescue. I will continue to work to train educators and investigators in a high standard of investigative techniques that will allow them to then work actively with local police who are often under-resourced, inexperienced and/or underpaid, in pursuing offenders through the local courts and justice systems.

Pursuing my Passion

I have been asking for donations because an average wage in a South East Asian country is well below the minimum wage in Australia and although it would be enough for me to live off in South East Asia, I have 2 young boys that live in Victoria that are 7 and 4 years old, whom I love very much and I need to be able to maintain loving relationships with them and contribute financially to their well being my meager form of income.

I have sold next to everything I own in order to contribute to this important cause after I was inspired by my travels to South East Asia in 2013. What was a very relaxing holiday unexpectedly changed many things within me and challenged many of my own core beliefs. I have witnessed many things in some of these countries I visited that even after having served with Victoria Police for over 12 years I thought I had a true understanding of the world but soon found myself questioning what I valued most, what I felt was important to me and also what would make me happy, fulfilled and my young sons proud of me and inspired in their life.

I left my boys and departed Australia on the 15th of September to commence my work and there have been many challenges and more ahead and the work is often quite dangerous but the desired result is very important to the lives of many children in these countries.

By donating to my cause, you are enabling me to make a significant impact on the safety and wellbeing of children across some of the most high-risk areas of the world. You are enabling me to maintain relationships with my family which will, in turn, allow me to provide focused and sustained support to a program that will deliver strong outcomes in the fight against child exploitation.

Thank you.

Glen Hulley

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