Preston’s Journey

Preston Santo with kidney disease

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Preston’s Journey

It’s not every day you come across a little human being who no matter what pain, stress or sickness he’s feeling, he still has the capacity to make you laugh simply because of his infectious personality. He can rattle off his medications one by one just as easily as his doctor, he can tell you all about the tubes, the injections, and dressings, with a confidence and understanding far beyond his age. He can explain to any doctor or nurse the ins and outs of a dialysis machine, it’s purpose, it’s functions and its alarms. He can educate you about inflows and outflows, levels of fluid and more and he’s only the tender age of 8 yes 8.

He is described often as the sick one of the family, the tiny one. He’s 8 but the size and height a lot less than children his age, resulting from kidney failure causing growth restriction. This said, what he lacks in physical height and size he certainly makes up for in character and personality. He lights up the room with his beautiful big brown eyes but it’s his smile that absolutely melts your heart. He’s won over his doctor who no matter how many times he runs into me he will stop and talk about his little buddy, about this little man’s zest for life, huge personality, his hilarious outlook on his disease and his dry and funny.

This little 8-year-old soldier has endured endless procedures and sickness that no one should ever have to endure and still, he smiles, dances when he’s well and yes, twerks better than anyone hehe…
So Please allow me to introduce you to… Master Preston Santo….

Preston and his family, his Dad Eddie, mum Kimberley, and 5 wonderful brothers and sisters, Latrelle, Latisha, Justice, Edward and Bill have been on a roller coaster ride in life since Preston was diagnosed with kidney disease not long after birth. Prestons family have been forced to move from their hometown of Charters Towers to be closer to medical care for Preston following many admissions to hospital. Before the move, each hospital stay meant a 2-hour road trip to Townsville, leaving either mum and dad at home to care for Prestons siblings. Prestons Kidneys deteriorated quickly last year and the race was on to find a healthy matching kidney to save his life. He commenced daily dialysis after several grueling surgeries in Brisbane.

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