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help my dad

help my dad

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Support after an Operation

Hi Guys

I’m trying to help my Dad get back on his feet after a recent major operation due to throat cancer.

Prior to this Dad has been through a lot which has taken a huge toll on himself and our family both physically and mentally. After being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis which then turned to chrones disease he has to go in every 6 weeks for infusions and trying to deal with that in itself he was not long after diagnosed with leukemia. Extensive very costly treatment left him struggling which meant he had to work 7 days a week to cover bills as well as his partner Janette working full time.

Once in the clear from leukemia, we had worse news that Dad was diagnosed with throat cancer. This required a major operation to remove his voicebox and has since been completely unable to work. Once again travel and medical bills have taken a huge toll. He is now on chemo tablets for the rest of his life.

Medical and Financial Struggle

Dad was put on a waiting list for the pension which has only just started to come through after a very tough 14 months. In that time the medical bills and travel have put the family out of pocket and into a stressful time. The SA government is ordering them during this VERY difficult time to sell the house they have put their life into to pay a disgruntled employee (whom can’t be named for legal reasons) another blow to the family resulting in added stress which could potentially be life-threatening. Something that has been overlooked by the government.

Recently, my stepmother, Janette and dad have taken in a foster child who needed a place to go and to be looked after. Janette and Dad are one of a kind people who would go out of their way to help anyone. Even in a rough time, they took it upon themselves to potentially save a young kids life. I know my old man would do anything for his friends and family, please help so they don’t lose the house they have spent their life on and the last 30 plus years building.

All we need is $25,000 which covers medical expenses and legal bills

Any donation would help and support my Dad. Please leave a name if you prefer not to that is fine but I would like to thank anyone that could help personally! It would be a major help to my Dad and my family!! ❤

1300 733 823