Operation Kate: Healing Dr Kate

Healing Dr. Kate

Operation Kate: Healing Dr Kate

Healing Dr. Kate

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Meet Kate. Mum to two, Doctor to many.

In May 2018, Dr Kate Richmond was diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma; a rare type of cancer which manifests itself in the abdomen. Peritoneal mesothelioma is known to be caused by asbestos exposure which occurred at least 10 years before the disease develops. Exposure in England commonly occurred in the workplace but there are cases of family members contracting illnesses from the work clothes of loved ones or living near to factories or demolition works.

Kate’s pretty darn awesome. She’s a mum to two beautiful children Lauren, 6 and Finn, 9. She’s been a Doctor since 2001 in both the UK and more recently, on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. Helping and healing people is what drives her. She’s positive, selfless and has a wicked sense of humour loved by both her friends and patients.

Following a full hysterectomy to remove cancerous tumours, Kate will soon undertake 4 rounds of chemotherapy. Alongside this, she will need an immunotherapy treatment called Pembrolizumab to try and keep the cancer at bay. This drug costs $60,000 AUD. Kate will require further overseas testing to guide future treatment that costs $6,000 AUD. She will, of course, be unable to work throughout her treatment. Life expectancy for this type of cancer is 2 – 3 years. But cancer missed the memo because Kate is in this for the long haul. She wants more than anything to get back to working with and helping patients in her community, watch Lauren and Finn grow into adults and one day retire and travel with her adoring husband Brett.

But for now, Kate’s concentrating on the immediate challenge in front of her – healing her body of cancer. For the moment, this looks like chemotherapy followed by ongoing immunotherapy treatment.

We’re asking for any donations to help support Kate’s treatment and in turn, lift the financial burden for Kate and her family that unfortunately accompanies a cancer diagnosis.

Healing Dr. Kate: with kids

We thank you for your time in reading Kate’s story and also thank you wholeheartedly for any donation you are able to make.

With much love,

Kate’s friends and family xxx

(Extra background information: This page was set-up by Emma Johnstone, a friend to Kate.  All images and words have been used with Kate’s full consent. All donations will be credited directly to Kate’s nominated bank account. All donations will be used to purchase the immunotherapy drug Pembrolizumab as part of Kate’s treatment and also to pay for gene mutation testing in America).

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