Olivia’s Service Dog

Olivia With Service Dog

Olivia's service dog

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Service Dog for Olivia

Olivia is a beautiful, caring teenager who loves dogs!

Unfortunately Olivia has an intellectual disability, autism, severe anxiety, selective mutism and several other major issues.

Her cognitive ability and level of functioning have decreased considerably in recent years.  The reason for this is unknown.  She is currently undergoing tests for brain lesions or tumours; early tests have come back negative but the testing is continuing.

Because of her selective mutism, Olivia can’t talk to most people outside her family.  However, if there is a dog involved, she will generally start communicating. We are raising money to purchase a service dog for Olivia that will become her best friend.  This dog will go everywhere with Olivia to ease her anxiety and enable her to access the community. At the moment she is unable to access community activities or make a simple purchase at a shop due to her anxiety.

This service dog will help Olivia to gain independence from her family and vastly improve the quality of her life.
We are extremely grateful for any contribution you may be able to make.  Further details about the service dog can be found here – Centre for Service Therapy Dogs Australia

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Donation Rewards

$100 – Donate $100 and we’ll give you a Planet Eco Vegie, Herb or Flower Patch Kit , valued at $25.95
Please let us know on Australian address for delivery.
$50 – Donate $50 and we will send you 5 garden pot sticks to brighten up your garden. Please let us know an Australian address for delivery.
$20 – Donate $20 and we will collect a bag of litter from our local area. Huge benefits for the environment and our fundraising goals.

Reduce- Reduce Home Loans is reaching out to the community, asking for those who are able to lend a helping hand. If you’re in a position to contribute, please consider joining us in supporting Olivia’s journey towards greater independence and improved quality of life by donating to her service dog fund. Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a meaningful difference. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

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