Naomi Lowry takes on Breast Cancer

Naomi Lowry Kiss - battle against breast cancer


Naomi Lowry Kiss - battle against breast cancer

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A Sudden Nightmare

Dear Amazing Humans,

Our incredible big sister. Our beautiful eldest daughter. Our super fun Aunty. Our one in a million friend is taking on the biggest hurdle of her life…

In Naomi’s words:

“Some of you may know some of you may not but here it is… On February 16th 2018 my life went from living my dream to a nightmare. I’ve been diagnosed with advanced HER2+ stage 3 breast cancer.

I’ve only just turned 39, and I never thought that I would utter the words “I have cancer”. Having just opened my own restaurant here in Sydney (Culina Et Vinum – I thought that my life couldn’t get any better and than bam, it throws you a left hook that floors you outta nowhere.

In the words of my surgeon and oncologist, I’m having literally having everything thrown at me, and everyone supporting me including the medical staff are determined to fight this and say #fuckyoucancer.

Unfortunately to do this not all the drugs and medical bills are covered by Medicare and by health insurance… hence this page.

Anything that you can donate will be appreciated more than you will ever know, no matter how small.”

Help Ease Financial Pressure

We (her siblings) have set up this GoFundMe page to help take some of the financial pressures off of our amazing big sis Naomi and our family whilst she goes through life-saving treatments, surgeries and recovery.  Whilst we are doing everything we can as a family to cover what we can there are certain things we would love help with. In particular, this GoFundMe page will help fund the mother of all drugs Perjeta which Naomi has just started and it comes in at a whopping $48,500 (AUD) – the drug which is crucial in helping her fight this cancer. The additional money will help cover some of the mounting monthly costs of consultants appointments, scans, pre and post-operative care, the five weeks (of five days a week) radiotherapy post operation along with contributing to some of the other chemotherapies which are not fully covered by Naomi’s Private health insurance or Medicare. If there are any excess funds not used to help Naomi then she will donate them to the hospital where she is being treated in Sydney – The Chris O’Brian Life House – with a view that they will help relieve the financial pressures that cancer brings for other patients.

Please donate what you can – whatever the donation we cannot thank you enough and tell you how immensely appreciated it is by Naomi and all her family.

YOU GOT THIS SISTA!! And we are all right beside you, every step of the way.


Visit our Charity Fundraising page to see more people that need your assistance.

Smiling through breast cancer battle

Naomi long before breast cancer



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