Mission to Help Diana

Diana Karupovic in Hospital Bed - help Diana

In hospital bed - help Diana

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Friends on a Mission for Diana

We are a group of friends who want to move mountains and shout it from the rooftops that we need  HELP for our little friend Diana. There is something inside of us that wants us so desperately to reach out to the Australian public and ask for a helping hand. This is a Cancer story that has touched us, as friends, as mothers and as families, that makes us just wonder how many Australian families are in the same position right at this very moment.


Introduction: A Brave Journey Begins (2013-2015)

It all started back in 2013, when Diana, a regular 11-year-old girl’s health started to become a wide concern for the family.


Diagnosis and Treatment (June 2015)

Diana Karupovic, at the age of 13 (in June 2015), was diagnosed with stage 4 Glioblastoma Multiform (GBM), a brain tumour, reaching 4cm. Fortunately, Diana was operable. On the 25th of June, she had undergone more than 12 hours of brain surgery which went well. Soon after, she was given 6 weeks of radiotherapy to kill off the remaining parts of her tumour. Her family took every possible chance to help Diana feel and get better naturally, placing her on strict cancer diets and providing her with natural treatments, which kept the cancer stabilized. For almost two years, Diana’s health was doing great.


Setback and Challenges (March 2024)

Not until March this year, the family’s life was turned upside down when her MRI showed the tumour had grown back. Due to the location of the tumour, Diana’s sight is poor, her memory is very short, and she needs assistance when walking around the house. Her family was provided with a wheelchair from the hospital to use as Diana is not able to walk for long periods. Sadly, Diana has had her first seizure while staying at the hospital, leaving the family to fear for more.


Hope for the Future: Dr. Charlie Teo’s Surgery

Dr. Charlie Teo, the controversial and charismatic brain surgeon from Sydney, will perform the surgery, which no other doctor will do. However, the surgery will cost more than $100,000, which the family doesn’t have. Diana’s father is currently working full-time six days a week as Diana’s mother is a full-time carer and unemployed for over a year.


Call for Help: Urgent Fundraising Appeal

With this financial assistance, we can make that hope a reality and give Diana and her family some peace of mind. Diana and her family wish to thank everyone who has contributed and offered their love and support for her cause. They are forever grateful that the people they know and don’t know would be so willing to give and help her hope for a happy and healthy future.

We ask the Australian public to please help us urgently raise these much-needed funds to pay for Diana’s life-saving surgery. It is hard to imagine how this beautiful girl’s childhood has turned upside down within a short amount of time. Please share Diana’s story with everyone you think may be able to help, as every donation counts.

With her dog - help Diana

Smiling Diana - help Diana

Kind Regards,
Family friends and Family

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