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Beyond Blue - mental health

beyondblue - mental health

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A Night For A Cause

We are hosting a night for Mental Health Awareness, proudly sponsoring beyondblue.

Most people have either suffered themselves or know someone who is currently suffering from a mental health disorder. Yet there is just not enough knowledge of the amazing support that is out there for everyone.

beyondblue are an amazing platform for those needing information and support, and we must spread the word about this incredible organisation.

Anxiety, Depression and Suicide are not something most people like to talk about, however, it is so important to understand how you can support someone being affected by any of these.

Everyone who makes a donation on here will have their name put in a draw to win one of our great prizes that have been donated to us – more information on what that is to come!

In Loving Memory of Charles D. Bertine



We are proud to amplify our support for Mental Health Awareness. It’s imperative to recognise that mental health affects us all, directly or indirectly. By partnering with beyondblue, we aim to raise awareness about the invaluable resources and support available to those in need. Let’s break the stigma surrounding anxiety, depression, and suicide. Fostering a community where everyone feels empowered to seek help when they need it.

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