Mason’s Autism Service Dog Fund

Mason Smiling - service dog fund

Smiling Mason - Service Dog FundClick here and help Mason live a happy life…. EVERY CENT COUNTS! 

Service Dog For Mason

Hi everyone, some of you may already know my son Mason. Just prior to his 6th birthday he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and ADHD.

Mason also has other disabilities that affect his daily participation, these include:

  • Severe Anxiety & Fear
  • Severe SPD (Sensory Processing Issues)
  • Dyspraxia (Motor planning issues)
  • Expressive & Receptive Language disorders.

Due to these difficulties Mason finds it hard to develop friendships and behave in a socially acceptable way. He has restricted interests and has many obsessions. His fear and anxiety prevents him from enjoying life as a typical 6 year old can. As he has many barriers, I applied for a Smart Pup, and Mason has been lucky enough to have been accepted into the program where he will be placed with a highly trained Service dog.

This service dog will have many qualities that will enable Mason to live independently. This Smart pup will give Mason the confidence he needs to succeed throughout his life. The dog will help with sensory processing by doing things like laying over his lap, licking or nuzzling when Mason is overwhelmed or is in a sensory overload. It will also help with Mason’s social skills by learning to care for his furry friend. The dog will be a registered service dog, so Mason will be able to bring him/her anywhere he goes including School! We are also hoping that the Smart pup will be able to calm Mason enough at night so that he can have a full nights sleep.

Service Dog Fee

A service dog is not free, it takes many, many months to train a service dog to the specific needs of each child. It takes a minimum of $25,000 to raise and train a service dog for a particular individual. We are asking for sponsors or donations to help reach our goal of $20,000 (the extra $5000 is being donated by the org). We cannot start the process of training until we reach the $20,000 mark so we are looking for sponsors who can pledge some much needed money.

If you can help out in any way PLEASE do so!!

Your donations would GREATLY help a young boy reach his full potential

Much love,

Sarah, Adem, Mia and Mason

“Autism is about having a pure heart and being very sensitive… It is about finding a way to survive in an overwhelming, confusing world… It is about developing differently, in a different pace and with different leaps,” Trisha Van Berkel


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