Marion’s mission!!!!

Marion Smiling - Marion's Mission


Marion Smiling - Marion's Mission

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Marion’s Diagnosis

Our dear friend Marion is about to embark on the biggest mission of her life!

A few weeks ago Marion found herself up at Joondalup Hospital for what she thought was a merely a painful tummy ache. The next few days brought some really shit news… Marion was diagnosed with Bowel cancer and needed immediate surgery. Surgery went well and although in a lot of pain she was feeling relieved it was out! But that bastard we call cancer wasn’t going to make it that easy. A scan revealed the cancer had spread to her liver. The cancer in Marion’s liver is inoperable as it is in too many areas of the liver and a transplant is not an option. Doctors have said they can blast it with Chemo to slow it down and buy her time. How long is unknown – but there is no cure!

Marion, hubby Ian and their two children; Stefan(25) and Tehya(7) are in shock, disbelief and in absolute fear of what their future holds. As conventional medicine isn’t offering Marion much hope, she is looking into other options overseas and having some alternative treatments here in Perth too. As alternative medicine and treatments are not covered by Medicare or private health insurance, it leaves Marion and her family running out of money… fast! The scan to confirm the cancer had spread to her liver cost them $900 alone.

In Need of Help

Ian has been off work since this all started and while his wife is still recovering from surgery and trying to cope with such deviating news. He wants to be home by her side as long as their finances allow. So I am here on behalf of Ian, Stefan, Tehya and all of us who love Marion to ask for help from our beautiful community. Please help us, help Marion fight this bastard as hard as she can in every way possible. So please if you can spare a few minutes and any donation to this gorgeous family and their fight we will all be forever grateful

Thank you xxx

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