Little Theo’s Rare Condition

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Theo's rare condition

Little Theo’s Rare Condition

Little Theo was born with a rare condition called TOF OA where his oesophagus isn’t joined. In little Theo’s case, there are two fistulas (tubes) joining the oesophagus to the trachea. Within just two days of his life, Theo underwent surgery to join the oesophagus. However, it proved unsuccessful in closing off the tubes. Subsequently, after three surgeries, his vocal cord became paralyzed, leaving him unable to pass air.

After more trips to the hospital and complications doctors are telling Lauri and Josh, Theo’s parents, that Theo won’t be able to make it. Little Theo proved the doctors wrong and was able to go home after 7 months. However, Little Theo would still have to go through a series of visits from the hospital due to his trachea still having a tiny hole and suffers from narrowing and granulation his airway. Little Theo’s condition requires constant care and attention. After all the young family has been through, they have been strong.

Theo’s Needs

He requires Oesophagostomy bags to stop saliva pouring from his neck into his trachea and onto his broviac site. Theo has weekly outpatient appointments, driving up to the RCH and back in petrol and Citilink tolls equals $2600 a year. The cost of food at the hospital really adds up. He is currently staying the night at RCH every fortnight, this equals a minimum of $7000 a year for Lauri and Josh to eat whilst away from home. For Theo to attend weekly outpatient appointments, and go to theatre every fortnight, the parking adds up to $780 per year.

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Support Little Theo and his family as they navigate his rare medical condition. With ongoing medical expenses for weekly appointments, hospital stays, and necessary supplies, they need your help to ease the financial burden. Your donation or sharing can make a big difference. Please join us in supporting this brave family.

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