Lisa’s Battle With Lyme Disease

Lisa Egan Battling Lyme - Lisa's battle

Lisa Egan Battling Lyme - Lisa's battle

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Lisa’s daily struggle with Living With the Pain

My name is Lisa Egan, i am a 24-year-old who has been sick for so long and don’t know what to do anymore, i am living in constant chronic pain. There is never a day without pain. In June 2016, i was told i had Lyme disease, even though i had never traveled outside of Australia. I am having difficulty finding help, as Lyme disease is not recognised in Australia. Instead, a ‘Lyme-like illness’ has been acknowledged. Doctors say to me my case is rare, and too hard to treat, but they have tried.

What hope have you got if people can’t help you?

It started in 2010, I had flu-like symptoms like sore throat, swollen glands, aches, sore joints and fatigue, and I was sick a lot. I was constantly seeing GPs who said there was nothing wrong with me, so I thought nothing of it. In 2012, i was rushed to Liverpool Hospital where multiple blood clots (known as PEs) were found on my lungs, and i had third-degree heart block, pneumonia, pleurisy, fluid retention, chest pain, sweating and difficulty breathing. “They said if I had arrived at the hospital 10 minutes later, I would have died,” After seeing numerous specialists, chasing a diagnosis for many years and being put on hundreds of medications it was all unsuccessful.

I struggled to maintain my health, but managed to wean myself off medications and used diet and exercise to keep myself healthy. But in August, 2015, my health went downhill. I was running on the treadmill and I hurt my hip. I got a scan after it wasn’t getting better, and was diagnosed with Bursitis, which is common for runners. I ended up having three cortisone injections into my left hip but with no relief. Since this time, I have seen physiotherapists, oestotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, homeopaths. It has come to the stage where i am in disabling pain every day, the pain has spread throughout my entire body but mainly my hips, back and bum.

Lisa’s Diagnosis

In June 2016, I saw Natalia at Health Space, Potts Point, to receive a kinesiology session. I was then referred to Petra Behuliak at Health Space, Petra informed me I had Lyme Disease.

In September 2016 I saw a LLMD and was sent for numerous blood tests. I was finally given a formal diagnosis. I am suffering from Chronic Borrelia, Bartonella, Rickettsia, Babesia and Ehrlichia ( also known as Lyme disease and Co-infections).

I have always been a person who is quite private, so this has been quite a difficult step for me to actually share my story but it’s the only choice I had to get the help and support I need. Knowing that my symptoms continue to get worse rather than better has left me in such a bad state. I can’t keep living with this disabling pain, chronic fatigue, severe headaches, crippling joint pain, muscle spasms, fevers, memory loss, cognitive deficit, migraines, rashes, poor circulation, chest pain, digestion problems, food intolerances, nausea, cardiovascular problems, sinus issues,  twitching, memory loss, severe depression – the list is endless. I can’t even begin to explain the struggle I have everyday, it has taken a toll not only on my health but my whole life, I am unable to physically and mentally enjoy a normal life. I just want my life back and want to feel human again, it has been 7 years to long!

Lisa’s Reality of it all

I have lost 95% of people in my life because I am to sick to go and do anything , majority of people just don’t care or understand. I was once an active, happy person but my entire life has crumbled beneath me. One of the problems with Lyme disease is that even being sick beyond imagination you look well on the outside, and no indications of infection shows up in a regular blood work and that’s why it’s called an invisible disease. It is one thing to be suffering from such severe symptoms everyday, it is another to be suffering and receiving no help or the wrong help. No cure, no treatment, no one caring for your rapid decline in health. It’s just a constant battle: me against my body; my passions, my dreams and what I want to do with my life, against what I am physically able to do. I desire to have a purpose and fulfill my dreams, only to watch them fade away and continue to be taken away.

In Need of Funds

I ask myself everyday when is this going to end? Will it ever end? How much can one person take before giving up becomes okay? Despite receiving all kinds of treatment, from holistic to traditional medicine here in Australia, I have had no relief or progress with my illness. In order to receive some treatment I need, I am going to be traveling to Cyprus that specializes in Lyme disease. This treatment will be for 5-7 weeks and will cost $30,000. Any donation would be truly appreciate from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you for taking your time to read my story.

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