Lexi’s Fight With Leukaemia

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia

lexis fight - gorgeous toddlerDonation to Help Lexi’s Fight With Leukaemia

Gorgeous Toddler

On Friday 15th July 2016, after many visits to the doctors for being unwell, my gorgeous 2-year-old Alexis was diagnosed with Leukaemia. She and myself were flown to the Royal Children’s Hospital for more testing to be done. That afternoon it was confirmed that Alexis has High-risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia or ALL for short. This was just a stab to the heart for any parent to hear. I thought to myself “maybe the doctor is wrong surely my little 23-month-old does not have cancer?..” but it was the horrible truth that has turned our life upside down.

It is going to be a long hard road ahead, with given a rough plan of 10 months in the hospital and 2 more years of treatment after that which I will administrate from home, travelling monthly to the hospital for those 2 years for treatment/lumbar punctures.

We live 6 hours away from the hospital which is going be very tough with travel costs. I Alexis’ mother am with her at all times which means I am unable to work anymore which is very hard financially as life still goes on and the costs for living still do not stop. Unfortunately, I will not be able to go back to work until Alexis is in kindergarten or possibly school which is still 3-4 years away.

So due to that i am taking people’s advice in learning to reach out and say YES we do need help that we are financially strained that we do need help from anyone who is willing to make things just that little bit easier for us right now with the financial strain to be able to focus our entire body/mind to Alexis and making her happy.

If you would like to make any donations to help with medication, bills, accommodation, food, flights/fuel & the stress of daily financial difficulties it would be greatly appreciated! It is going to be a long few years ahead, but we are strong and we will keep fighting.

Please copy the link and please share this around as much as possible to help us & please everyone, keep Alexis & family in your thoughts.

Reduce encourages if your able to help please do.

1300 733 823