Lets Get Sonny Walking Again

Sonny with Influenza B

walking againClick Here to Donate and help get Sonny walking again. 

Let’s get Sonny walking again

Sonny is the youngest of 4 children at 4 years old.  Sonny goes to Kindy and is from the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland.
He came down with influenza B a few months ago and wasn’t able to recover. He slowly declined and the family was told that an autoimmune disease had attached itself to the flu and was attacking his nerves. This is a Guillain-Barré syndrome.

By this time Sonny was unable to walk or sit up. The fear was he could stop breathing if the nerve damage kept creeping up to his lungs and further, choke.

The damage to the nerves has left him without the use of his legs. Nerves take a long time to recover and a lot of therapy to get there. The pain from nerves is unbearable, I say this from experience!

The family of 6 has 3 children at school while Mum and Dad are taking it in turns to be by Sonny’s side in Brisbane. This leaves no option to be at their regular jobs. Mums (Kate) full-time job is on hold and Dad (Paul) is working when he can but this is not the easiest of tasks.  As you can imagine funds start to get stretched and run low pretty quickly. I have started this fund to help them with living expenses so they can focus on Sonny’s recovery.

Click Here to Donate and help get Sonny walking again. 


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