Let’s Find Parker His Voice

Parker Myles Finding His Voice

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Let’s Find Parker His Voice

Over 3 years ago I was lucky enough to win the genetic lottery.

As you know as our friends and family, at the birth of my son Parker Myles I learned he had Down syndrome. Life has been quite an adventure since then. After spending the first 16 months of his life on oxygen with many respiratory issues, I discovered an at-home version of a therapy program and we got him walking by 2.5 years old.

You’ve all seen his highlights reel. He has been a Baby Bonds winner, is currently the Brand ambassador for Attipas Australia shoes, and is an affectionate, hilarious little kid. But, there are a few things you guys may not have noticed because I don’t focus on the difficult parts of our journey. And I’m going to respect his privacy, and not lay out the full details of our struggling parts. But I WILL tell you about our end goals – and where I know he wants to be.

Parker only has a few words. He says yes, no, will copy some sounds you make (including mum, yay!), and that’s about it. I don’t use the term ‘non-verbal’, although therapists might. He has speech apraxia and only a couple of signs, and with a bit of work and decoding, I generally can understand what he wants and what his intentions are.

Communication isn’t always verbal. While all I want to hear is an ‘I love you, mum!’ it’s not earth-shattering if I don’t get it.

What crushes me more is the thought of my little man unable to walk into a shop with his mates after school and buy the right pack of lollies he’s after or communicate to the teacher when a kid is bullying him. Or even worse (and tragically common) be unable to tell his mum when someone in a position of authority is doing the same thing.

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