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Kate’s Fund for Radiotherapy


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My name is Kate, I am 21 year’s old, and live in Adelaide, South Australia.

At the ages of 18 and 19, I underwent multiple surgeries for what doctors believed would fix the severe headaches and hearing issues I had been having. When the ear surgeries did not work – I was referred to specialists for several head scans.

July 2016 I was walking out from a nursing tutorial when I received a phone call from my Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon, telling me they found a tumour the size of a tennis ball in my brain, I was then referred to a neurosurgeon.

6 October I was admitted into hospital, and had a 13-hour brain surgery. Although the specialist medical team did an amazing job, and surgery went as smoothly as a brain surgery can, the tumour could not totally be removed because it was entangled in my brain’s major nerves. The team didn’t risk it as it would result in serious brain damage.

As a result, I have no sensation in my right side of my face, including my teeth, gums, eye, and even my ear.

Ever since the surgery I have been having MRI’s to monitor the remaining tumour. Unfortunately there has been some worrying growth, which means that I need treatment before it gets large again and effects my eye sight.

I have been told I need immediate proton beam radiotherapy which Australia doesn’t have this machine until 2022. This will be too late for me. The only solution is to travel to America or Europe.

I have started this Fundraising Campaign to help raise whatever I can to help my family cover the cost of my treatment, flights and accommodation and living expenses to create awareness about this Proton Therapy Beam Machine.

Please sign the petition my mum Natalie Salvati started and spread the word about this vital life saving equipment.

Thanks for reading and sharing my story.

For more information on what proton therapy is and the process involved, check out this link:

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