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Kates Journey: Fighting a Brain Tumor

Discovering the Tumor

During my late teens, I faced a series of surgeries to tackle debilitating headaches and hearing issues. Despite these efforts, the ear surgeries failed to bring relief. Consequently, I underwent extensive head scans.

The Shocking Diagnosis

In July 2016, as I left a nursing tutorial, I received a devastating phone call from my ENT surgeon. The news was staggering: a tumor, akin to a tennis ball in size, was found nestled in my brain. This alarming revelation prompted an immediate referral to a neurosurgeon.

A Grueling Surgery

On October 6, I underwent a grueling 13-hour brain surgery. While the medical team performed admirably, the tumor’s intricate entanglement with crucial nerves demanded caution. Unfortunately, complete removal risked catastrophic brain damage, resulting in the loss of sensation on the right side of my face, including my teeth, gums, eye, and ear.

Post-Surgery Monitoring

Since the surgery, I’ve undergone frequent MRI scans to monitor the remaining tumor. Recent scans, however, have revealed troubling growth. Consequently, urgent intervention is necessary to safeguard against vision impairment.

The Search for Proton Beam Therapy

To combat the tumor’s resurgence, immediate proton beam radiotherapy is imperative. However, Australia lacks this equipment until 2022, which poses a dire setback. Consequently, the only viable solution is seeking treatment abroad, either in America or Europe.

A Call for Support

In light of the financial strain on my family, I’ve launched a fundraising campaign. The raised funds will cover treatment expenses, travel costs, accommodation, and living expenses. Additionally, my mother, Natalie Salvati, has initiated a petition to highlight the urgent need for proton therapy equipment.

Spreading Awareness

I implore you to join me in sharing my story and rallying support for our cause. Together, we can make a tangible impact in securing life-saving treatment for those in similar predicaments.

Learn More and Take Action

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To contribute to our fundraising endeavors, please visit our Charity Fundraising page.

Thank you for your unwavering support and for championing awareness of this crucial cause.


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